Disney's Animal Kingdom to test access to The Oasis before park opening

Jun 23, 2015 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday June 23, 2015 11:58am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning next week, Disney's Animal Kingdom will be testing a new arrival experience at park opening.

On non-Extra Magic Hour days, guests will be able to enter The Oasis area of the park 30 minutes before the rest of the park officially opens - typically at 9am.

The park frequently has long backups of guests at the turnstiles before opening, and allowing guests to enter through the turnstiles before the park opens should help to stagger arrivals and reduce congestion. The early entry will also allow guests to plan their day with Cast Member assistance, and make any lat minute FastPass+ selections.

No attractions will be open, and guests will be limited to just The Oasis area at the front of the park.

The test is expected to run through to the end of July 2015.

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TipTopclubmemberDec 15, 2015

Did this test result in the oasis being permanently open prior to official park opening? Anyone who knows, that info is much appreciated. thank you.

righttrackJun 29, 2015

That sounds about right. Coincides with our trips and experience. I like the sentiment evoked in the train show, but I liked that you can have the rope drop to the lands and have more intimate and unique experiences the way it used to be. The CMs who handled that aspect were so on point.

Sage of TimeJun 28, 2015

It's a zoo with theme park rides. I don't agree that Disney's prices are what they should be, though.

FutureWorld1982Jun 28, 2015

Not really, as people pay "theme park prices" to get in... How much does a zoon admission cost today? $30-40?

180ºJun 28, 2015


Sage of TimeJun 28, 2015

LOL. I think he knows it. Disney's zoo is the best zoo around.

TubaGeekJun 28, 2015

Just no one tell Joe Rohde.

Sage of TimeJun 28, 2015

It is a zoo. That's a good thing. :)

TubaGeekJun 27, 2015

Stock up on the animals in the zoo (yeah, I'm calling it what it is), and I really like the idea. Sure, most people will just rush to the rope, but at least folks'll have the option of enjoying the area.

SugarMagnolia75Jun 27, 2015

Heck, if they let people in as far as Discovery island, they could sell a lot of Starbucks.

Sage of TimeJun 26, 2015

Oh, nice. I don't feel like you're IN the park when you're in the Oasis, anyway. It's such a cool and natural environment... it hardly feels like a theme park.

cristabelitaJun 26, 2015

This definitely makes sense and I would love to get in early and be able to take pictures without people crossing your path every few seconds.

drew81Jun 26, 2015

I believe the Anteater habitat and the one on the right as you first come in(nearest to the backstage gate). I think they had some birds or fish in there at one point. As far as I know everything else has something. The Cavy, Muntjac, Rhino Iguana, Babirusa, Wallabies, Waterfowl and Spoonbills are all full, at least I think they are.

jakemanJun 26, 2015

how many exhibits are empty in the Oasis right now?