Take a Disney's Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Safari to South Africa with Joe Rohde

Apr 23, 2018 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Monday April 23, 2018 9:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

If you want to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom in style, this new Adventures by Disney experience may just be for you.

Guests on this one-time, Adult-Exclusive departure will have the opportunity to take part in once-in-a-lifetime activities with special guests Joe Rohde and Dr. Mark Penning.

Joe is of course the creative force behind the creation of Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Mark, a native South African, is Vice President of Animals, Science and Environment for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Pricing is around $11500 excluding flights.

Trip Highlights

Sketching Sessions with Joe Rohde

Get your imagination fired up as Mr. Rohde leads sketching sessions with Guests at South African locations throughout the trip. No prior artistic experience is required, as these sessions will embody Mr. Rohde’s philosophy that sketching what you see captures more detail and helps you to remember these amazing experiences better than a photograph.

Animal Kingdom: Storytelling with Joe Rohde

Hear about Mr. Rohde’s adventures and experiences in Africa that served as inspiration in the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This unique opportunity to get insight into the architecture, plants, wildlife and storytelling of the iconic Disney Theme Park from the revered Disney Imagineer is one that Disney fans will treasure.

South African Wildlife & Culture with Dr. Mark Penning

Discover fascinating facts and insights into the natural history, culture and wildlife of South Africa with Dr. Penning, who as both a native of the country and a trained veterinarian, offers a unique perspective on the area’s robust wildlife.

South African Viniculture & Wine Tasting

Learn about the country’s incredible viniculture and the ideal conditions for a wide range of noble wine varieties. Then, enjoy tasting the rich flavors of South African wines.

Additional Day at Kapama Game Reserve

This special departure includes one additional day and night at Kapama Game Reserve in order to truly celebrate the wildlife of this amazing country. 

In addition to the special activities of this departure, Guests will also experience an array of amazing activities that are a part of the South Africa itinerary. Activity highlights include:

  • Knysna Elephant Park: Experience a rare opportunity to get up close to the denizens of South Africa’s first elephant orphanage.
  • Boulders Beach: Waddle around with the African penguins that call this cove on the waters of the Indian Ocean home.
  • Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary: Swing in for a safari of the world’s first primate sanctuary that features 18 primate species.
  • Table Mountain: Take in the breathtaking views on the cable car ride to the summit, then tour the beautiful surroundings.
  • Cape of Good Hope: Take in the scenic beauty of the Atlantic coast at the southernmost point of Africa’s Cape Peninsula.

Bookings are open for South Africa: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park’s 20th Anniversary Safari as follows:

  • Monday, April 23, 2018: Disney Vacation Club Members, D23 Members, and previous Adventures by Disney Guests
  • Wednesday, April 25, 2018: General public

Find out more at the Adventures by Disney website.

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DABIGCHEEZApr 25, 2018

Good to know that $1500 is covered... now the problem is the other $10K! ;)

BoltApr 23, 2018

Just don't let it happen again.

Kingdom KonsultantApr 23, 2018

If anyone does want to do a tour like this, keep in mind that we offer up to a $1500 savings on Adventures by Disney. Just putting it out there for anyone interested. Pam

bhg469Apr 23, 2018

Maybe just ask how he got around the earring guidelines in the disney handbook!

bhg469Apr 23, 2018

I forgot that all posts on this site had to be taken seriously 100% of the time.

jaxonpApr 23, 2018

Joe is cool, met him yesterday... I don't know how he keeps his cool with all the same questions he gets all the time. I wasn't going to ask about the yeti, but I wanted to.

jakemanApr 23, 2018

Guess I should clarify, for most of the ones originating from South Africa, that was at the upper end.

Surfin' TunaApr 23, 2018

I love Disney, and I have great respect for Joe Rohde (the last imagineer). I just fail to see the appeal in this trip for that cost +airfare. I'm surprised it sold out so fast, but I am glad it did. It removes the temptation, so I can save my money for Club 33. It is after all, a full third of the initiation fee.

nickysApr 23, 2018

Apart from the Joe Rhode and Dr Penning aspect, you could do everything for half the price, including flights, with a Safari specialist company. I've not been to South Africa, but I have done two weeks in Kenya and Tanzania. All day, every day out on the Serengetti and other national parks for 10 days. But, as with all Adventures by Disney, and DCL, you pay for the name. In this case Joe Rhode!

jakemanApr 23, 2018

He'll just danging his ear bracelets at them and disappear in a cloud of smoke.

V/N McQueenApr 23, 2018

Joe Rhode is probably going in prepared for questions about the Yeti and the Dinosaur carnival lol

BoltApr 23, 2018

I'm guessing zero.

bhg469Apr 23, 2018

I wonder how many uber rich disney die hards spent the money before they realized it wasn't in Animal Kingdom and they would have to actually go to Africa.

nickysApr 23, 2018

And apparently it was sold out by 10am.