'Tiffins Talks' returns to Disney's Animal Kingdom as part of Earth Day celebrations

Feb 13, 2020 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday February 13, 2020 1:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day from April 18 - 22 2020 with special activities and events.

According to Disney, each day will include expert speakers and entertainment; behind-the-scenes tours; specialty food and beverage; limited-edition merchandise signings; character greetings; photo opportunities; special Wilderness Explorers activities for kids and more.

At the park’s Theater in the Wild, the Wild by Nature Speaker Series will let you hear from some of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s animal experts, educators and conservation “Heroes,” learning about the ways Disney’s own conservation experts are working to save the planet and its wildlife. National Geographic Explorers and Photographers will share their stories from the front lines of their explorations as well as wildlife photography and video techniques.

Joe Rohde will return to Tiffins Talks, with reservations for the four course meal opening on February 18 2020.

Other activities will include a preview of upcoming Disneynature films coming to Disney+, sketching special characters at the Animation Experience and a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Disney Conservation fund.

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TinkwingsMar 02, 2020

That tour sounds interesting! We always leave park to eat at BOMA for dinner, its my favorite restaurant for many reasons in WDW. Consistent quality and variety of tastes, but have been curious to try Tiffins and never even heard of Nomad....tink flys off to look at menus! :happy:

wdwmagicMar 02, 2020

'A Path Less Traveled Tour' limited time experience coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom for Earth Day celebrations https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/animal-kingdom/news/02mar2020-a-path-less-traveled-tour-limited-time-tour-coming-to-disneys-animal-kingdom-for-earth-day-celebrations.htm

Prototype82Feb 25, 2020

Got my reservation. Super excited. I've heard his talk has some incredible and interesting food.

shipley731Feb 18, 2020

I just signed up for the April 19 Tiffins Talk. I saw Joe’s Instagram post last year about the event & it looked super interesting.

peter11435Feb 17, 2020

They would all be dead within weeks if they were dropped into the Wild.

RobWDW1971Feb 17, 2020

If they really cared about nature, they could return all of their wild animals back to their homeland. Nah, better to virtue signal about conservation and keep a Silverback Gorilla in an enclosure for kids to make funny faces at all day.

TrainChasersFeb 16, 2020

So.... anyone going to the tiffins talk? I wonder if Joe will give any of the presentations at the theatre in the wild.

RteetzFeb 16, 2020

Yak and Yeti has never really appealed to me much.

TrainChasersFeb 16, 2020

I mean personally I love the chicken bowl at the canteen.

RSoxNo1Feb 16, 2020

I'm a cheap date, what can I say? I've had great meals at Tiffin's and Cali Grill as well, but I hit Yak and Yeti every trip.

RteetzFeb 16, 2020

To each their own

RSoxNo1Feb 16, 2020

The Chicken Tikka Masala at Yak and Yeti is better than both.

TrainChasersFeb 15, 2020

The only mention of Tiffins in the article was about the Tiffins Talks, I was trying to figure out why you brought it up.

Gabe1Feb 15, 2020

Hmpf. You obviously quoted the Wong member or just flat out made this up to shore up a fake debate. I never said such a thing. Which is it?