Disney's Animal Kingdom offers new menu items and range of speciality drinks

Sep 05, 2012 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Disney's Animal Kingdom has just rolled out updated menus featuring new foods and a range of speciality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  

Here is a run down of the additions (click the restaurant name to view the full menu and pricing).

Bradley Falls Kiosk
- Edamame beans, Asian noodle salad
Flame Tree Barbecue - Smoked chicken salad
Pizzafari - Chicken and vegetable pasta salad
Tamu Tamu - Fresh fruit salad
Restaurantosaurus - Chicken BLT salad, mac'n cheese hot dog

Flame Tree Barbecue - Mandarin Orange Lemonade
Petri-Fries - Frozen Blueberry-Mango Rum Lemonade
Restaurantosaurus - Lychee Coconut Rum Lemonade, Wild Berry Mango Rum Lemonade, Lychee Lemonade
Dino-Diner - Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade 
Safari Pretzel - Frozen Mango Rum Lemonade
Harambe Popcorn - Jungle Juice
Pizzafari - EPPA Organic Sangria
Article Posted: Sep 05, 2012 / 10:02am EDT