Parking lot at Disney's Animal Kingdom is at capacity

Jan 04, 2018 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday January 4, 2018 1:16pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

As of 12:30pm, the parking lot at Disney's Animal Kingdom has reached capacity, and guests are being redirected to park at Blizzard Beach.

Once parked at Blizzard Beach, buses are transporting guests back to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Despite the parking lot reaching capacity, the park is operating as normal and is open to all guests, but is obviously very busy.

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eggJan 08, 2018

It's only been moved. Unfortunate that we should have subforums for parks. The parks should be constantly updated alongside eachother. Not be shuttered and left to rot for over a decade, then deemed flawed and in need of a new direction, when that isn't at all the issue. Looking at you, Epcot and DHS. Oh well.

Next Big ThingJan 08, 2018

Time for an Epcot one now.

RSoxNo1Jan 08, 2018

Nice to see the Pandora sub forum has closed.

tissandtullyJan 08, 2018

Pretty much!

smileJan 08, 2018

c'mon frozen... baby needs a new pair of fastpasses

tissandtullyJan 08, 2018

FWIW, I am usually able to find times available with a little diligence in refreshing the FP+ pages, even on same day, I've been able to grab FP for SDMT and FoP. But you gotta refresh a lot waiting for people to cancel or when the system allocates more FP, it's a dynamic system from my experience.

RunningKoenJan 07, 2018

As said before, 350 dollar isn't the price of single bib. Must be a challenge. the highest for a solo bib is the full marathon, around 200. Besides, full majors (Berlin, New York, etc.) are more expensive than WDW full marathon. Staying on Disney property and going to the parcs aswell ensures the entire cost around the marathon rise quickly. runDisney Paris was 50 euro for the half marathon in 2016 and 70 euro for the half in 2017. It's just america that has things so expensive. 75-100 as average is still expensive, imho. Jackets aren't a thing here in the Netherlands. Extra's like shirts aren't normally included in the bib price. Bibs are around 15-30 euro's for most races and shirts and engraving medals might double the price. runDisney is expensive, but using runDi$ney is an unfair rant. You're paying premium for the route inside the parc and the characters. They can double or triple the price if they want to, since they have a monolopy on the concept and the routes. It's the same with NY marathon: the price for 'outsiders', asking 358 dollars for a bib.

I am TimmyJan 07, 2018

You get pretty cool stuff for the zombie runs and mud runs here (Wa.), but you also get filthy or the possibility of being tackled by an overzealous zombie (they do exist). How many runs does DW sponsor now?

HauntedPirateJan 07, 2018

I just saw that after checking into race results. Interesting, because she said she paid $350 for it. I hope she didn't accidentally register for the Goofy Challenge! :D Around here (Minnesota), most races get you a jacket plus other swag. I think my wife has 3 or 4 jackets from the past 2 years.

peter11435Jan 06, 2018

Registration for the 2018 WDW marathon was $185

21stampsJan 06, 2018

Where are you running that provides you with a jacket? That’s awesome! I’ve never done a RunDisney event.. but I have considered it just for the super-cool Star Wars

HauntedPirateJan 06, 2018

Years ago, early December used to be a good time to go, before the Pop Warner Super Bowl and the cheerleading competition (Are those still even going on there? It's been a while since I looked). Early January used to be dead before the WDW Marathon took off. February up until President's Day was good but they started the Princess Half-Marathon. Late April thru mid-May was good but now there's the Flower & Garden festival and a RunDi$ney event. September was good, until they expanded Food & Wine and added another RunDi$ney event... Bottom line - Disney has filled up most of the times that used to be slow with one thing or another - Festivals, competitions, RunDi$ney events... You can get lucky and find some slow days here and there, but the saying, "There are no slow times at WDW anymore" is largely true. It's now just what level of busy you want to endure - Kinda busy, crazy busy, or insanely busy. BTW - I use "RunDi$ney" because those runs tend to be, on average, 3-4x more expensive than your local events, while giving you less then you get at local events (And please, don't use the "but you get to run thru WDW!!! as a reason for the price. The half and full marathons are at least half on the roads and back-roads within WDW, with no theming and little entertainment, so it ain't all that and a bag of chips). $350 for the marathon at WDW and get a shirt and a usually-cool medal, or $75-$100 locally and get a shirt, a jacket, a medal, and a whole bunch of other stuff, plus you don't have to travel. Hmmm...

bhg469Jan 06, 2018

I have been there for the princess marathon and it is pretty bad as well. Not this silly but just annoying enough to get in the way of a really good time.

I am TimmyJan 06, 2018

Note to self - another time to avoid DW, first week of January due to monster marathon. And don't even THINK of parking anywhere. I have many notes to self like this now, I think all that's left open is a random weekday in September. I'll have to double check that, though.