American Music machine no longer performing at Epcot

Oct 03, 2017 in "American Music Machine"

The 5 piece a capella vocal group, American Music Machine is no longer performing at Epcot following its final performance on September 29 2017.

American Music Machine debuted in April 2015, seizing on the popularity of a capella music at that time.

Voices of Liberty continue to perform their classic sets in the American Adventure rotunda.

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Article Posted: Oct 03, 2017 / 9:00am EDT
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GiveMeTheMusicOct 05, 2017

I got a crisp $5 bill that says the theater just sits dark during the day

FlynnwriterOct 04, 2017

A little American Music Machine goes a long way. They went too far.

gdrjOct 03, 2017

I just wasn't a fan.

MansionButler84Oct 03, 2017

Best to just move on then and not hear about other World Showcase acts.

SevenevesOct 03, 2017

Never heard of them.

ABQOct 03, 2017

Didn't realize they had that many Gaga songs in their catalog. :p

ThatMouseOct 03, 2017

I absolutely hope they change it each year. It's rude to go in and sit down and then leave, because you've already seen it. I'm sure they understand, but it's still rude. It's a lot of work to do the same show multiple times each day. They really need entertainment that changes - different songs, different jokes, etc.

SpaceMountain77Oct 01, 2017

I wholeheartedly agree! "Give us Junk!"

AJH219Oct 01, 2017

Yes. The festivals are fantastic additions to Epcot, top forty a capella? Not so much!!

matt9112Oct 01, 2017

that's a bit decry this but the festivals are the best thing ever?

AJH219Sep 30, 2017

I guess I gave them an unfair chance. I was so uninterested in their song choice after my first listen, I never had the desire to go back.

Kman101Sep 30, 2017

I agree the fit in WS was strange but I still enjoyed them. They sang a variety of songs from different decades (at least in the set I saw) not just today's "trashy" (which I disagree with) music.

Kman101Sep 30, 2017

This is a shame. I really enjoyed them when I finally saw them. Talented and well done. The small crowd I was around seemed to really enjoy it too.

AJH219Sep 30, 2017

No loss at all. Nothing like hearing today's trashy music being sang in the World Showcase