AMC Theatres pushes back Disney Springs reopening

Jun 30, 2020 in "AMC Disney Springs 24"

AMC Disney Springs 24 overview
Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2020 10:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

AMC has announced that it will push back plans to reopen its theatres, including the AMC Disney Springs 24.

Instead of a July 15 relaunch, AMC now plans to open 450 of its theatres on July 30 with the remaining expected to be open by the end of the following week.

When AMC reopens, auditoriums will be reduced to 30% capacity or less, based on municipality guidelines. In auditoriums with traditional seating, every other row is blocked off. In all auditoriums, including those wider AMC Signature Recliners, guests will be asked to leave an empty seat between yourself and other guests.

Most importantly, AMC will require guests to wear masks inside the theaters.

Common areas and high touch points will be routinely disinfected throughout the day. There will be extra time between movies so that auditoriums can be cleaned between each showtime.

Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and vacuums with HEPA filters will now be used throughout the building. Also, HVAC filters have been upgraded to MERV 13 wherever possible.

To reduce contact, large popcorn and large fountain drink refills will be unavailable. Items like napkins, lids, straws and condiments will be available by request.

A reopening date for the AMC at Disney Springs has yet to be confirmed, and the planned July 24 debut of Disney's summer movie Mulan has been pushed back to late August.

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GrandCanyonConcourse1 hour ago

More like demand is down at this time

UNCgolf1 hour ago

I'm usually only there at night. I've eaten QS dinner and then had gelato or something for dessert sometime between 9-10 several times. It's better food than eating anywhere in the parks.

MansionButler842 hours ago

Still coming.

GimpYancIent2 hours ago

What's up with Cirque Du Soleil? It was an item now the silence is defining.

MansionButler842 hours ago

Covid only spreads between 11:30 pm and dawn? Interesting.

Disstevefan12 hours ago

Whatever time DS closes is purely a business decision made by Disney. Closing DS early reduces costs for Disney, like so many other cost cutting decisions Disney made in the name of COVID. You do have to wonder, DS is a glorified mall with tenants. I have to imagine in the lease DS must agree to be open some minimum hours, but who knows, perhaps the lease contracts are heavily one sided to Disney because location, location, location..

MansionButler8418 hours ago

Ever since Pleasure Island closed, I honestly haven’t been there particularly late.

SoFloMagic18 hours ago

Fair. It's more the stores. I was there earlier this week and 10 pm felt very early

Nick_A19 hours ago

I’m guessing that the operating participants have told Disney they still don’t have the staff to extend the hours like that. I’m sure if they could, they would.

MansionButler8419 hours ago

I mean, it’s an extra hour 5 days a week. I don’t personally go to restaurants at 12 am so fine-by-me.

SoFloMagic19 hours ago

No, but if the decision were covid-related I don't see why indoor masks leave before hour cuts....

GrandCanyonConcourse20 hours ago

Covid isn’t over yet

SoFloMagic2 days ago

Half an hour? That's it? Wasn't it 1am pre-covid?