How to Have the Perfect Rainy Day in Walt Disney World

Brooke Schuldt

By Brooke Schuldt, Jul 25, 2016

WDWMAGIC Contributor

Though Florida is known for it’s sunshine, there will come a day during your Disney trip where a risk of rain or sudden, quick burst of sun showers will throw a wrench in your itinerary.

Instead of cutting your day short or huddling your whole family under an umbrella and waiting for sunshine, follow these rainy day tips so that you can keep your vacation running smoothly, no matter the weather.

Now is the time to wait on a long line

That ride that has a long line no matter what time of day it is (we’re looking at you, Toy Story Mania…), now is the time to get on line and wait it out. Since most of the queue line for every ride is indoors, you won’t have to worry about getting wet and waiting inside on line is a way more productive use of your time than standing under a souvenir shop awning trying to figure out how to run to your next ride without slipping in your wet flip flops.

Grab a snack or snag a last minute reservation

If your going to spend some time indoors, you might as well get get some food out of the deal. Quick service stations or food carts with nearby covered seating are great options for those famous Florida sun showers, but if it looks like the rain will stick around a while, a longer sit down meal is your best friend. Head to an existing reservation if you have one, or head to the Guest Relations center at any park to check available last minute reservations. If you’re too far from the Guest Relations center, stop into any nearby restaurant and ask for the next available table. Unless it’s the Be Our Guest restaurant, most places will have something open for you to grab.

Whatever you do, don’t duck into a souvenir shop

This may seem like a good idea, but I assure you, it isn’t. Why? Because this is everyone’s first idea the minute a rain cloud enters the sky, and those little shops full of mugs and ornaments will be packed full of people in no time. Unless you love being shoved into huge crowds of wet people trying not to knock over a row of Tigger mugs, do not enter a shop in bad weather.

Check an updated weather report before heading to an outdoor show

Rain before a night show means more than just a soggy amphitheater seat. It could mean that the show gets a rain delay or even canceled for the night. First, check the weather on your phone so that you know how much longer to expect bad weather. Then, at least a half hour before show time, check in with a night show cast member to see if there are any show updates. They won’t always have the answer, as Disney waits until the last possible minute to make delay or cancelation announcements, but insight from a cast member will help you make the decision on whether to wait it out or make alternate plans for your evening.

Rainy day in the Magic Kingdom

Throw on a Mickey Mouse poncho and go about your day

When in doubt, just embrace the inevitability of your shoes getting soaked and move about your day as regularly scheduled. No need to worry if you didn’t bring any rain gear with you, because almost every story on property has either a poncho or an umbrella for you to buy. For families that want to get a lot done in a day, this is your best option. While everyone else is finding a place to set up shop for a while, you’ll be racing through all the activities on your to-do list.

Brooke Schuldt

Brooke Schuldt

Brooke Schuldt is a former Kilimanjaro Safaris cast member and current freelance writer and web producer in New York City. Her Disney obsessions are EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival, The Great Movie Ride, and funky Disney Parks mugs. When she's not day dreaming about Walt Disney World, you can find her brainstorming new articles, making plans to travel the world, or binging on beauty podcasts. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, or visit her website.
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