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"Best idea ever!"
Reviewed on May 12, 2013 by Mic429
Rating: 10  
Alright I have been going to Disney for years and have always loved the themes they have each year. I have to say the last few years though have been kind of bland. I think they have really turned this around by doing Limited Time Magic. It started off slow, but I have been there for probably half of the events. And since we live right in Orlando we get to go pretty much every weekend. I went for Long lost friends week. I liked it but there were not a lot of characters to choose from. Then I went to true love week with my wife. It was real cool and we even got a special photo. The next time we went wasn't until the dance party at Hollywood Studios. Our kids loved that although it was a little hot. Next we went for the fairy week and my little girl about lost her mind. She was happier then she had ever been in her life! We have also been for Cinco De Mayo an Epcot and saw the three bird guys. ( The names slip me at the moment!) We went to the May the 4th be you party and my two sons loved it. For fellow Star Wars nerd like us there was nothing better! Finally we went today and watched Merida become a princess. We even took our little girl to the princess makeover thing in the castle so she could be a princess to. My wife doesn't know about the Mothers Day event but I am going to take her to get that special flower. =) I know some people think it is a cheap way to get guest to come but I like it. In fact I wish Disney would do these things all the time. I know I will be back for more Limited Time Magic, and I hope this review makes other people want to go as well!
" far"
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2013 by Ginger
Rating: 7  
We went in early Febuary and got to be there for the true love week. It was pretty good and a nice little extra. We went to the Magic Kingdom during the day and saw some of the princesses. that evening we also went to the Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios and ate the special dinner. So all in all it was pretty good. Hopefully they will do some things that are worth coming for, because so far none of this is worth booking a trip over. The main reason this gets a high rating is because the entertainment as well as the special meet and greets were nice.
Limited Time Magic
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