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"Had a wonderful time"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2008 by welovdisney
Rating: 10  
We went to the party last August and loved it. It was the highlight of our trip. Our 6 year daughter loved and our 1 yr old son had a great time too. We enjoyed the shorter lines, the parade and fireworks show. It was worth the extra money for us. I would recommend this to anyone who asked about it. I admit I had wondered if it would be worth the extra money and it was. I am so glad we got to enjoy this Disney experiance
"Boring Party........"
Reviewed on Apr 14, 2008 by dmommas
Rating: 5  
What can I say? I bought tickets for the event because I wanted to take advantage of the shorter lines and the different fireworks. After reading previous reviews, I was very sad to find out that we did not get a bag to put the "mardi gras beads in. I didn't bring a bag with me. We went to 2 treasure spots. We got a paper princess/pirate hat (Burger King Style). It got wet on SPlash Mountin. The secound thing we got was a candy bead necklace. MY 10 yr old DS did not get excited by that stuff. The CM's were fun - they were dancing and acting like thier ride was best so hop on! They remembered us when we rode rides again and again - but they wouldn't let us stay on - we had to go through the queue everytime even though no one was riding!!!! I guess I was dissappointed because the price of the ticket has gone up - but what Disney gave us went down.... Props to the CM's for trying to liven it up. Oh - and it was too dark to see anything. It was only my second time in the park and I didn't know where I was going. The Fireworks were awesome!!!!!
"It was Fabulous!"
Reviewed on Feb 25, 2008 by dizzney
Rating: 10  
We went to the Priate and Princess Party on Valentines Day February 14th, and it was just fabulous!

The weather was cool and clear and the park was full of lots of priates and princesses. We got on and off the rides with no wait times, the games of chance were fun for my daughter when she didn't want to ride Space Mountain,

The music was fun and everyone could dance.

The only complaint was the treasure, after two trips thru getting jewels, my boys and my husband did not want to get trasure, my daughter and I did though and there were a number of duplications.

Disney should rethink what they are doing with the treasure, make them different and not the same.

But the expereince was great and we would definitely do it again!
"Worth Every Penny ! We went back a second time !"
Reviewed on Feb 23, 2008 by dehook
Rating: 10  
Attended the P&P party Jan 29. Our Daughter 4 1/2 had the time of her life. She pent at least 5, maybe 10 minutes with each princess ! Even the photopass photographers were surprised at how much interaction the kids got from the princesses. It was easily the time of her life.
All the rides were walk ons, even BTM.
Fireworks were astounding, even when viewed from fantasyland. From the Circle they were even better.
As we left the park near midnight, my wife and I said to each other "I would definatley do this again". Since there was another party during our stay, on Feb 2, We Did ! Again it was worth the price. Fewer adults were in costume for the Saturday party, but it was perhaps the best evening of our trip.
"Pirate & Princess Party 2008"
Reviewed on Feb 05, 2008 by The Red Head
Rating: 6  
Went to the Pirate & Princess Party on Saturday night.

Before reading keep in mind:
- I have an Annual Pass and head to the park often
- I did not attend the P&P Party last year
- I am trying to give us much detail, both good and bad, to hopefully to make this review as useful as possible.
- I do not have any kids (yet).

- We arrived early around 5:30ish and were able to get into the park before the official 7pm start time.

- The treasure bags we got at the entrance were very cute and I was glad to see they were not plastic.

- All the lines as usual with the after hours parties were short

- Much to my husband's dismay we waited on line to get pictures with all the Princesses and Capt Jack. I haven't been though the character greetings before so I don't know how it normally is but I was really impressed (once I got out of the long line; 40+ minutes) by the amount of time the Princesses ( especially Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella over in Toon Town) spent with the kids. They were not rushed at all (which probably attributed to the long line) and they were pros at dealing with the very excited little boy in line in front of us, who decided to give Cinderella a "jump hug".

- Over in Ariel's grotto Ariel was spot on and made me feel like I stepped into the movie.

- There were other picture spots, Cinderella's Coach (by Small World), a throne chair (to the right of the castle, on the walkway to Tomorrowland) and a dressing screen with what looked to be one of the wardrobes from Beauty & the Beast (between the entrance to Toontown and the Winnie the Pooh playground area) set up around the park but they were not listed on the map.

- The parade, which I was really looking forward to, was good but seemed really short.

- The "treasures" as said before were Mardi Gras type beads and plastic jewels. The night we were there 8 of the 10 spots we could find were beads and some colors were repeated. I would think that they could have spent the time to find 12 different treasures to use. Even the kids that were on line with us got sick of the repeat beads.

- Splash Mountain which is listed as one of the open rides on the map was still closed for refurbishment. I am assuming it was added to the map in hopes it will be open sometime before the end of the party.

- As someone else mentioned the times guide, which list the time of the fireworks, parade and show at the castle were not included in the maps, or anywhere else in visible site that I could find.

- We did not see the fireworks because we were waiting to see the Princesses when they began.

Overall I think the party is a great idea for those looking to get into the park on a cheaper ticket (if your kids stay up that late without getting grumpy). Having already paid for an Annual Pass, I would have to say shelling out the extra $85 bucks wasn't really worth it. I think next year if I pay for any extra events it will be the Mickey Very Merry Christmas party (I went a few years ago and maybe it's the free hot chocolate and cookies and picture still on my mind, but I think that would have been more worth the money).

Hope this helps anyone looking for more info on the event.
Reviewed on Jan 30, 2008 by tiggerific418
Rating: 10  
This part exceeded my every expectation! The only minor disappointment was the "treasure" isn't candy anymore, but I guess Disney is trying to be healthier. The parade and fireworks were fantastic. The $34 price tag is quite reasonable for this great experience.
"Pirate and Princess Party 1/21/08"
Reviewed on Jan 28, 2008 by phichi17
Rating: 10  
Attended the party and had a blast! The treasure hunt is now just for beads plastic coins and "jewels", no more candy as was reported last year.

The party is worth it just for the fireworks and parade alone. We bought our tix way in advance so we only paid like $34 a piece for them.

AS far as the in park entertainment goes, we watched the "Rusty Cutlass" band and had a great time. My six y/o was picked out to be an honarary crew member.
"Pirate and Princess Party"
Reviewed on Jun 28, 2007 by Ghostdog
Rating: 10  
We attended the Pirate and Princess Party the end of January this year; What an AWESOME event. My daughter got to go to the BBB prior to the event (princess Aurora) and my son dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow. My parent were with us and we had the Best Time Ever. The lines weren't long at all; we rode Splash mountain four times in a row with no wait time. My daughter loved seeing all the princesses in their ball gowns. We had our picture taken next to Cinderella's carriage and my son just loved the pirate tutorial (both kids now belong to Capt. Jack - I have the paper to prove it). If you're a Disney diehard you'll love this event as much as your kids. I highly recommend this event!!
"Great Price, Great Deal, Great Experience!"
Reviewed on Feb 28, 2007 by jedimaster1227
Rating: 9  
Considering that it is only a few dollars more than a day's admission to DisneyQuest, the price is definitely right. With minimal wait times, an amazing fireworks show, a new parade (though not my favorite) and free goodies, the experience truly is amazing. Performers cover the park and the theming additions make the Magic Kingdom even more magical after dark. If the event is renewed for next year, I will definitely be returning!
"If you have the opportunity to attend, do so!!!"
Reviewed on Feb 02, 2007 by raremerebear
Rating: 10  
What an awesome time we had last night! The weather was supposed to be lousy, and it did rain when we were on the ferry at about 4:00. We (DH, DS 4 & 2, SIL, DN) were able to get into the MK at 4:00 with our tickets, which was great b/c we had 4:30 reservations at the Crystal Palace. Walking into the park was great, there was a separate entrance with the red carpet - as close as I'll ever get I imagine! We got our booty bags & maps, then headed to get our stroller, which was complimentary for the evening - always nice! Then off to supper...

We had the best server there who really was so into it and fed off our excitement - can't say enough good about it! The food was wonderful! Pooh & friends were about and were awesome with pics and hugs :) The rain had let up and we were off after supper.

We headed right to Adventureland and did the Tiki Room (DS 2 year old loves it), then Pirates and walked right on. Then we bought DS (4 year old) a Captain Hook costume, and the CM who was at one of the registers was amazing, DH said while we were shopping she had come up to our DN (dressed as Aurora) and asked her for her autograph - it was so sweet. I'm getting all teary reminiscing :) We paid for all of our pirate gear and got a special throw for $15.00 if you spent at least $60 (which is way too easy!!) DS transformed to Hook and we were off to Fantasyland...

There were special places for treasure, and X did mark the spot. The X's were all set up on light post lanterns. They were very generous with the candy given! And throughout the park were projections on the ground of treasure chests, roses, crowns, skull & crossbones - all very neat. The music was a nice change too with the score from POTC...

We had our wristbands checked as we headed into Fantasyland at 7:00. Got some more booty and there was a photo station with Cinderella's carriage with a little bit of a line, 10 minute wait maybe. I took DS (2) to IASWAA, and walked right on again. It was so quiet that we were actually the only ones in our section of 4 boats and there wasn't anyone ahead or behind us, so that in itself was special, like we were VIP!! After that, we walked right on Peter Pan, then Dumbo and hit up more booty :) After Dumbo we went to dance for a little bit with Fantail, had so much fun. Walked a little further to the Teacups and again walked right on. Then we made our way to Tomorrowland, skipping Mickey's Toontown for later.

Got to Tomorrowland and went straight to Buzz, and walked on again - notice a pattern yet :) After Buzz we got some light necklaces & snacks and just took it all in. There were so many people in costume, young & older, it was wonderful!!

We went back to Adventureland for Capt Jack's Pirate Tutorial and it was great. You'd think Johnny Depp was there; the actors have everything down to a science. The show was funny and had action. DH went to speak to a CM about the CJS meet & greet and she said it should be going on, but we didn't see it, so that was a little let down, but not a mood dampener by far! The CM did say that the actor doing the Tutorial was the best CJS and didn't do the meet & greet, nice tip :)

We headed back to Toontown for some pics and rest at the benches just outside and caught the fireworks. And they were awesome!!! SO much better than Wishes IMHO. What did it for me was the score - perfect balance. They did most of the princess movies, Peter Pan & POTC. It really exceeded my expectations.

After the fireworks we made our way to Main Street to catch the parade. This was by far my favorite, It was a bit shorter, but I loved the action! They started with the royal guard and knights on black horses, the princesses followed individually in their carriages, Aladdin & Jasmine were the last and they were on horses. One thing that was really cool was that there were sword fights throughout this parade, preceding A & J, and kicking off the pirate half. The guys had flags and were like a color guard, and they were awesome!!! Then the ghost pirates came on their boat, then Capt Jack - he was great, too. After the pirate float the Peter Pan ensemble followed, then came Tink on her mountain of treasure The actress had her down to a science, pouting & holding her tummy laughing. It was so great b/c there weren't hundreds of people crammed into each other for a spot, and it felt like you really got the attention, or like you really were being looked & waved & smiled at. It was just a wonderful, wonderful parade!!

My absolute favorite part of the evening came as we were waiting for the parade to begin and a CM named Damon came over to talk to my little Hook. We chatted a little bit and he asked him if he was having a good time, enjoying everything, then he asked if he liked Tinkerbell, DS said yes, Damon said even though she caused lots of trouble for Hook, DS said we forgive her (I melted at this point) and then DS got pixie dust pins!! I just teared up (I'm such a baby) and felt like this was the greatest moment :) Damon explained what DS was to do with them and he was off, not realizing he made my trip.

After I dried up, we headed back to Tomorrowland for one last go on Buzz (walked on again), then back to Fantasyland where we walked on everything there :) We decided to call it a night and headed to the ferry.

All in all, this was a super event, if not for the fireworks & new parade, but for the small crowd & good spirits. There was an air of friendliness I haven't felt there before, and I loved every minute!!!
"Awesome time..."
Reviewed on Feb 01, 2007 by WishIwasThere
Rating: 10  
We attended the first night of the P&P Party. My son was Buzz Lightyear, (pirates are bad guys and he didn't want to be a bad guy), and my daughter was Jasmine. The crowds were super light, we love these after hours parties. We have done MNSSHP and MVMCP before so we had to try this since we were down there anyway. We started by going to the Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique where for the $45 they charge, it is well worth it. They made my 7 yr old feel like a real princess with the way they treated her. For $10 my 4 yr old son got the cool dude treatment, which included colored spiked hair and a big Mickey pained on the back.

We started the evening at 5 with dinner at Tony's and they hit the rides. We get sooo much done during these parties its crazy. 4-5 times on SM, (spash was closed), a couple times on thunder mountain, my son didn't get off Peter Pan after 5 continuous rides. My daughter danced for a good hour+ at the Flounder dance party. Riding Dumbo and Astro Orbiter and Buzz and pirates without a wait is awesome.

The fireworks were really cool. The parade is awesome as well...Tinker Bell in a parade for the first time ever. The floats were great...all Princesses accounted for. Filled four bags with candy, bead necklaces, and raisins, and we only hit about 1/2 the spots on the map.

I think the cost is well worth the amount of stuff you get done without any crowds.

"Pirate and Princess Party Two "HOOKS" Way Up"
Reviewed on Jan 30, 2007 by Launchpad
Rating: 10  
The event was so much fun. When you enter they roll out the red carpet, have fog machines going so you can't see Main Street until you are through the train station, and when you enter you hear the sound of pixie dust (kind of like a "dream sequence noise"). You are given a nice little bag and a treasure map when you enter. X's are placed around the park where you can stop and get candy, raisins and beads. We filled two bags each with candy. They were really dumping the candy in!

Nothing had more than a 5 minute wait. Jack Sparrow was there to meet. He had a 45 minute wait as soon as the park opened to us. It was so much fun and he seemed to be enjoying it as well. With the PhotoPass being in effect he probably took 5 or so pictures with each person. He was striking one pose then going to another real fast like a model in a photoshoot. Great time and the highlight of the event for this huge Jack Sparrow fan.

Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Mickey were dressed for the occasion. Goofy was dressed as a pirate and was doing the Jack Sparrow movements the entire night. He was stumbling around and was so much fun to watch. He'd whip out his sword and really get into the sword fights with the kids. As he went to leave after a meet a kid came running up to him and said "Let's fight!" and he stayed and probably sword fought with him for about three minutes or so. They were going back and forth until Goofy got distracted by a pretty girl and the kid used that to his advantage and stabbed Goofy (pretty hard too). Goofy was a whole bunch of fun.

Almost everyone was dressed up even if it just meant the pirate Goofy/Mickey hat the sell in the Pirates of the Caribbean store, crowns, etc. A lot of us adults dressed up too. I was the only Captain Jack Sparrow that I saw (that wasn't under 10 years old). (Using super glue to attach fake beard braids works wonders!)

I really expected Pirates of the Caribbean to be packed, but we walked right on and had only two other people in our boat both times. After the firework (10:30) the park was dead. We figure because it was a) Monday night and b) Most of the <10 age group is exhausted by then and leave. Almost every ride we went on we were alone.

The parade was amazing. Jack Sparrow saw me off to the side and pointed at my costume and started clapping so I saluted him (the way Jack does to the hanging pirates in the movie). He laughed, did the salute back and bowed down. Earlier in the night when he saw my costume he told me "I really need to start shopping somewhere else!" The characters were fantastic tonight and really went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a memorable experience. We sure did.

It was a great time and the interaction with Jack Sparrow and Goofy really did it for me. I loved it! I recommend going on a Monday within the next couple of weeks. This is a slow time of the year so the tourist will be minimal as it is but I assume Monday nights will be the least likely nights that locals will attend.
Disney's Pirate and Princess Party
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