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Wolfgang Puck Express - West Side menu


Butternut Squash 7.95
Tortilla Soup 7.95
Chicken Noodle Soup 7.95


Margherita Pizza 12.95
Pepperoni Pizza 13.95
Classic Cheese Pizza 11.95
Four Cheese Pesto Pizza 13.95

Kids Menu

Cheese Pizza 7.95
Pepperoni Pizza 8.95
Mac and Cheese 5.95

Grab and Go

Chicken Caesar Salad 12.95
Chinois Chicken Salad 10.95
Caesar Salad 9.95
Roasted Vegetable Sandwich 10.95
Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich 9.95
Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich 9.95
California Roll 8.95
Spicy Tuna Roll 8.95
Yogurt Parfait 4.95
Fresh Fruit Cup 4.95


Rotisserie Chicken 18.95
Mac and Cheese 15.95
Chicken Pot Pie 16.95
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Wolfgang Puck Express - West Side
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