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Wolfgang Puck Express - West Side menu

Butternut Squash 5.95
Tortilla 5.95


Chicken Caesar 10.95
- Parmesan, croutons, tomato, vinaigrette, Caesar dressing

Rotisserie Turkey Cobb 11.95
- Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, gorgonzola, green beans, avocado, onions, balsamic vinaigrette

Barbeque Chicken 11.95
- Romaine, sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, ranch dressing

Roasted Beets 10.95
- Goat cheese, oranges, fresh greens, candied pecans, balsamic vinaigrette


Fruit Salad 4.95
- Honeydrew, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, red seedless grapes

Yogurt Parfait 4.95
- Low fat yogurt, granola, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries


California Roll 8.95
- Kanikama, avocado, cucumber, masago

Spicy Tuna Roll 8.95
- Fresh tuna, Asian spices, cucumber, sesame seeds


Barbeque Chicken 14.95
- Grilled red onions, cilantro, smoky barbeque sauce

Spicy Chicken 13.95
- Sweet peppers, leeks, tomatoes, cilantro

Four Cheese Pesto 13.95
- Mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, goat cheese, sundried and fresh tomatoes

Traditional Margherita 12.95
- Mozzarella, torn basil, fresh tomatoes

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables 13.95
- Pesto, fresh, mozzarella

Pepperoni 12.95
- Tomatoes, mozzarella, piquillo peppers

Meatball and Peppers 13.95
- House made meatballs, mozarella, fontina


Warm Turkey Melt 11.95
- Cheddar, caramalized onions, arugula, port wine sauce, horseradish cream

Pesto Chicken Salad 10.95
- Romaine, plum tomatoes, red onions, pesto sauce

Rotisserie Turkey Club 8.95
- bacon, romaine, tomatoes, avocado, jardiniere

Ham and Swiss 7.95
- Diced ham and swiss salad, romaine

Roasted Vegetable 10.95
- Fresh mozzarella, pesto, vegetable tapenade, lettuce, tomato, horseradish cream

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