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Tutto Italia Ristorante lunch menu
Our "Abbondanza" lunch menu is served on platters, family-style, for the whole table
Includes: choice of one appetizer, two entrees and bugie dessert
Guests age 10 and over $39.95
Guests age 9 and under $14.95

Antipasto Misto
-with various appetizers and Italian specialties

-with arugula, radicchio, endive,and citrus vinaigrette

Lasagne "al forno"
-with meat ragu, bechamel, and parmesan

-with Italian prosciutto, peas, and parmesan cream

-pasta with pine-nut basil pesto, and fagiolini green beans

Penne "Caprese"
-with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil

Pork Loin
-fennel-roasted with broccoli rabe

Pollo Al Mattone
-roasted-pressed chicken with lemon, herbs, and hot red peppers

-Tutto Italia signature crisp pastry with chocolate and apricot sauce

Prosciutto Di Parma $16
-Ham with thin slices of seasonal melon

Fresh Mozzarella $12
-vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, and tuscan olive oil

Eggplant Caponata $12
-with sicilian olives and pine nuts, and rasins

Insalata Mist0 $9
-Arugula, radicchio, and endive, citrus vinaigrette

Pasta E Fagioli Soup $8

Antipasto Misto $24
-a generous platter of appetizers and Italian specialties. Serves two or more

Caesar Salad $16
with chicken breast $3 additional
with Jumbo Shrip $9 additional
-Romain, olive crostini, pomedorial and shaved parmesan

Sicilian Tuna Confit Salad $20
-with fennel, arugula, orange, olives, scallions, and capers

PLT Panino Sandwich $15
-with prosciutto ham, mozzarella, lettuce, and tomato

Pasta "Tutto Italia"
Lasagne "Al Forno" $19
-baked pasta with meat ragu, bechamel, and parmesan

Bucatini Pasta $24
-Italian prosciutto ham, peas, and parmesan cream

Trofie $19
-Pasta with pine-nut basil pesto, and fagiolini green beans

Penne "Caprese" $18
-with crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil

Spaghetti $22
-with clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and parsley

Tagliatelle Egg Pasta $19
-with meat ragu Bolognese

Pesce E Carne
Fish Filet "All'acqua pazza" $27
-with clams, tomato broth, capers and olives

Chicken Cutlet Milanese $24
-with baby arugula salad and heirloom tomatoes

Tagliata Di Manzo $28
-fennel and arugula salad

side Dishes each $8
to compliment your main course selection, the chef has prepared a few market-fresh side, doshes, please see the service person

Bellini $10

Roberto Cavalli $12
-vodka martini

Negroni Cocktail $12

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan $12

Americano $10

Espresso Coffee martini $12

Campari and Soda $10

Red Passion $12
-Campari, grapefruit, and soda

Prosecco Sparkling Wine
bottle $28 glass $8

Bossini $10

Frizzante $12

Carpano Punt E Mes $10

APerol $10

Aperol Sour Cocktail $12
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