The Mara menus

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
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The Mara menu
chicken flatbread  $8.29
-with corn, mozzarella and zough drizzle

cheese flatbread  $6.99

vegetable flatbread  $7.99
-with olives, cheese and pesto

half chicken dinner  $9.49

chicken breast nuggets  $7.69

African stew  $7.89

Kid's Picks

kid's burger with apple sauce  $4.98

macaroni and cheese with apple slices  $4.89

rotisserie chicken with apple slices  $6.49

double cheeseburger  $7.59

bacon double cheeseburger  $8.09

chicken breast nuggets  $7.89

fried shrimp platter  $9.69

falafel pita  $8.19

mara souvenir refillable mug  $12.99

Kid's Picks

kids pepperoni or cheese pizza  $4.99

chicken nuggets with apple sauce  $4.99

mac and cheese with apple sauce  $4.99

kids burger with apple sauce  $4.99

-adult meals served with coucous salad or fries

turkey ciabatta  $8.59

chicken pita  $8.79

chicken house salad  $8.19

chicken caesar salad  $7.19

soups  $2.59

Grab n Go

large bottled water  $2.50

small bottled water  $1.25

coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, barq's root beer, nestea ice tea  $2.39

large juice  $2.39
-apple, cranberry, grapefruit or orange

small juice  $1.29
-apple or orange

milk  $1.29
-1/2 pint whole, skim, low fat or chocolate

milk large Nestle chugger  $1.99
-chocolate or strawberry

silk soy milk  $1.99
-regular or chocolate

smartwater  $3.25

vitaminwater  $2.99
-dragonfruit or energy

vitaminwater energy  $3.99

perrier  $3.00

powerade  $2.89

Fuze  $3.99
-green tea or tropical fruit

caribou iced coffee  $3.99

fountain beverage  $2.39

hot beverage  $1.99
-coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate

assorted cereals  $1.99
-special K, corn flakes, raisin bran, frosted flakes, fruit loops
-with milk  $3.09

assorted candy bars  $1.99

ice cream bars  $2.59

pop tarts  $1.99
-brown sugar or strawberry

popcorn  $2.29

Mickey rice crisped treat  $2.69
-regular or chocolate dipped

oreo  $1.59

animal crackers  $1.99

ritz bits  $1.59

chips  $2.39
-doritos, cheetos, bbq, or lays

zebra domes


pita chips

assorted cookies and pastries

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