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Sunshine Tree Terrace menu
Pineapple Juice Float 4.19

Floats 4.19
- Vanilla, chocolate, or swirl soft serve ice cream with coca-cola, diet coke, sprite, barq's root beer or fanta oraneg

Ice Coffee Float 4.19
- French vanilla, mocha or latte with soft-serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream cup or cone 3.19
- Chocolate, vanilla or swirl

Orange or Raspberry Lemonade Slush 3.69

Assorted Chips 2.69

Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.99

Soft drinks 2.59 and 2.89

Smartwater 3.50

Bottle Water 2.50

Coffee (regular or decaf) 2.09

Hot Tea or Hot Cocoa 2.09

Orange Juice 2.39

Apple Juice 2.59

Milk or Chocoalte Milk 2.19

Soy Milk (regular or chocolate) 2.19

Ice Coffee (French vanilla, mocha or latte) 3.89

Cappuccino or Cafe latte 3.39

Espresso 2.99
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Sunshine Tree Terrace
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