Starring Rolls Bakery menus

Hollywood Blvd, Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Starring Rolls Cafe menu
Soft drinks  $2.19 & $2.49 (ddp snack)
-Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Nestea unsweetened iced tea, Minute Maid light lemonade

Minute Maid orange juice  $1.69 & $2.39 (ddp snack)

Minute Maid apple juice  $2.39 (ddp snack)

cappuccino or latte  $3.19 (ddp snack)

Cafe mocha  $3.69 (ddp snack)

Espresso  $2.69 (ddp snack)

Liqueurs  $7.25

Assorted Coffee Syrups  .50  (ddp snack)

Freshly roasted coffee  $1.89 (ddp snack)

Nestle hot cocoa  $1.89 (ddp snack)

Nesquick chocolate milk  $1.89 (ddp snack)

Assorted milk  $1.29 (ddp snack)

Hot tea  $1.89 (ddp snack)

Dasani bottled water  $2.50 (ddp snack)

Wine  $6.95
-Pinot Grigio, chardonnay, Merlot

Turkey focaccia  $9.19
-with chips or fresh fruit

Veggie pita  $8.89
-with chips or fresh fruit

Black forest ham focaccia  $9.19
-with chips or fresh fruit

PB&J kids meal  $4.99
-with applesauce, grapes and milk

Tiramisu  $3.99 (ddp snack)

Breeze from the Keys (key Lime Tart)  $3.29 (ddp snack)

Fresh fruit tart  $3.29 (ddp snack)

Praline cheescake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

Banana split cake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

Chocolate Butterfinger cupcake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

Marble cupcake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

White chocolate cupcake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

chocolate peanut butter cupcake  $3.99 (ddp snack)

assorted brownies  $3.29 (ddp snack)

Strawberry parfait  $2.79 (ddp snack)

Eclairs  $2.79 (ddp snack)

Napoleon  $3.49 (ddp snack)

assorted cookies and muffins

-sales tax not included
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