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Rose and Crown Dining Room wine list
Your Shout!!!
English Rose $7.75
-Gin, Apricot Brandy, Vermouth, Pineapple juice, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Juice
Welsh Dragon $6.75
-Peach Schnapps, Melon Liqueur, Creme de Menthe, Orange Juice, and Pineapple Juice

Wine List
Asti Spumante Martini and Rossi (sweet)
-Italy 187 ml Bottle $11.95
Kenwood White Zinfandel, CA
-Glass $6.25 Bottle $27.00
Dr. Losen QBA Reisling, Germany ‘00
-Glass $7.75 Bottle $35.00
Benzinger Fume’ Sauvignon Blanc, Ca ‘00
-Glass $7.75 Bottle $36.00
Sparr Reserve Pino Gris, Alsace
-Glass $8.25 Bottle $38
Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay, Australia ‘02
-Glass $6.25 Bottle $27.00
Robert Mondavi Private Collection, CA ‘01
-Glass $7.25 Bottle $32.00
Estancia Pinot Noir, CA ‘01
-Glass $7.75 Bottle $35.00
Red Diamond Merlot, WA
-Glass $7.75 Bottle $35.00
Rosemont Estate Shiraz, Australia ‘01
-Glass $7.75 Bottle $35.00
B.V. Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon, CA
-Glass $6.25 Bottle $27.00
Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia ‘02
-Glass $8.75 Bottle $40.00

Ales, Lagers, and Stouts
Bass Ale, Boddingtons English Pub Ale, Harp Lager, Stella Artois, Tennents, and Guinness Stout
-Souvenir Half Yard $11.55
-Imperial Sampler $9.50
-Half Yard Refill $7.00
-Imperial Pint $7.00

Beer Drinks
Golden $7.00
-Half Harp, and Half Bass Ale
Half & Half $7.00
-Half Harp, and Half Guiness
Shandy $7.00
-Half Sprite, Half Bass Ale or Harp
Snake Bite $7.00
-Cider topped with Harp Lager
Black & Tan $7.00
-Half Bass, Half Guiness
Cider & Black $7.00
-Cider with a shot of Ribena
Strong Bow English Cider $7.00
Woodpecker Sweet English Cider $5.20
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