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Reader rating Reader rating 8.4 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 8.4  
"One of my favorites!"
Reviewed on Apr 30, 2014 by Figment89
Rating: 8  
This is one of my top three restaurants at Disney! The food is excellent! The music is amazing! Don't expect to have lengthy, quiet conversations - the restaurant is quite loud. If you want a view of the musicians and dancers, be prepared to wait a while for a table, but it is definitely worth it!
"Loved it"
Reviewed on Apr 01, 2014 by Julia
Rating: 10  
My husband, son (16), & I ate here our first night at Disney & were thrilled. We eat out a lot & like good food. We loved this place. I had salmon, son had filet mignon, hubby had steak all were thrilled. Atmosphere was awesome. Waitstaff was great. We will definitely be going back.
"Wonderful Meal"
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2012 by DisneyDebNJ
Rating: 8  
Raglan Road was a pleasant surprise. Having dined here during several trips, each visit was better than expected. The Appetiser D'Lirrah for two, was a meal in itself. The entertainment was a nice touch. Last visit we opted to sit outside, and it was a nice choice!! The Paddy's Pork and Serious Steak was fabulous, and no visit is complete without trying Ger's bread pudding!
"Very good experience"
Reviewed on Nov 09, 2011 by ShadowMan
Rating: 8  
My family & I had lunch at Raglan Road on 10/28/11, and had a very good experience. The food was good & hearty for lunch, and the kids enjoyed there meals as well. Our server was very personable, and made sure the kids were entertained & happy. Nice touch

We weren't sure if the bar-type atmosphere would be a good choice with a 4 & 5 year old, but it worked out great, and everyone was happy.

Would recommend it as a good choice for lunch. And (for the adults of course!) would also highly recommend the beer samplers

"Huge dis appointment"
Reviewed on May 23, 2011 by 
Rating: 2  
After reading numerous rave revues on a few site's, I was looking forward to this experience. Having now tried it.....doubtful I will EVER go back, not even for a second chance. The food wasn't the problem. Our server was horrible and received way more of a tip than he deserved. He disappeared for stretches and spent a little too much time socialising. Each course took at least 20/30 minutes before reaching us. Very frustrating feeling overwaiting for food to arrive. Then we were told the 2 items we ordered for desert weren't being served that night. If an item is on a menu it should be served or tell me upfront that it's not available. I have dined many times in the signature restaurants and have never been imprisoned nearly 2 hours !!! Also a bit loud for my liking and I wasn't sitting in the main room.
"Great Overall Dining Experience"
Reviewed on Mar 23, 2011 by TheLand45
Rating: 9  
One of the most complete restaurants in WDW. Great looking restaurant, great entertainment, and most importantly great tasting food. I have never received a bad meal or service here. One of the more enjoyable and original environments in WDW.
"One of our favourite places to eat"
Reviewed on Mar 21, 2011 by klacker50
Rating: 9  
We ate twice at Raglan Road on our last trip and it was delicious both times.

The decor was very traditional and the staff were polite and friendly. They were also very helpful with my toddler who can be a handful at times.

The food was absolutely delish. The first time we ate I had Kevins Heavenly ham and my husband had fish and chips and they were as good as any fish and chips I can get at home (being from yorkshire, we know a good fish supper when we see one!). The ham was beautiful, with a hint of cloves it was full of flavour. Good sized portion too. I had Gers bread and butter pud for dessert which I couldnt finish but I still dream about it - it's true, it's like no other pudding you've had before. Scrumptious!

The second time we went I can't remember what my husband had but I had Meatballs a la Liffey Luv followed by strawberry and apple crumble. Again, it was all delicious. The only thing that put me off a bit was the massive portrait of Bono looking over us. It gave me the willies! Otherwise couldn't fault the place. I would highly recommend....
"Best of DTD"
Reviewed on Mar 21, 2011 by xdan0920
Rating: 9  
Raglan Road is an awesome restaurant that doubles as the last outpost of fun on the now defunct PI. Lets start with the food. The last time I was there I had the Dalky Duo app. It was amazing. The Menu has a nice mix of traditional Irish fare, and some less ethnic options.

As for being the last outpost of fun. The Irish band and dancers are wildly entertaining. The atmosphere is fun. The bar is large and diverse. Overall I would say Raglan Road is a must do for any adults traveling to WDW.
"Raglan Road"
Reviewed on Mar 21, 2011 by mickeysshoes
Rating: 10  
This is DD and mine favorite place for a night out without the DD. We always sit at the bar for dinner and enjoy a few beers and the live music and dance. The Forest of Scallops and Cheeseburger is what i like but DH always tries something new and has enjoyed them all. He always saves room for the Bread Pudding...his MUST have on every trip. Raglan has lots of bar space so if you ever find yourself with an ADR and cant get this is the place to go if you dont mind eating at the bar. They also take the Disney Dining plans.
"It's okay.... crowded"
Reviewed on Feb 14, 2010 by liz081468
Rating: 4  
We try to visit a new restaurant every time we are in Disney (which is about 7-8 times a year). The Fish and Chips were disappointing. However, the Fada Burger is a must if you want to wait.
Not sure we will go again... it would have to be a moment in time for a burger. The chips aren't even that good....
"Overall pretty good"
Reviewed on Jun 10, 2009 by Ariel484
Rating: 8  
The bread dip at the beginning is awesome! We ordered a beer flight, which was pricey but tasty. My husband ordered the Irish Stew, which was excellent. My sirloin steak was disappointing…not a lot of flavor and overcooked. I wish I’d gotten the stew! My husband had the bread pudding for dessert, which was so good! But the best part of the meal was my dessert – the Bailey’s Crème Brulée tart! This dessert, along with the environment (awesome Celtic music and an Irish dancer) saved the meal for me, since my entrée was so disappointing. I’d go again, but I’d order the stew this time.
"Nice change of pace from typical Disney fare"
Reviewed on May 21, 2009 by Eeyore
Rating: 9  
I'm not a big fish eater so I can't comment on Raglan Road's signature dish, fish and chips. But they do have many options for those of us who don't care for fish. I love their Fada Burger- excellent beef topped with English style bacon, cheese, and a tomato and golden rasin chutney. It is one of my favorite burgers anywhere. Unfortunately, its only available for lunch and on the late night menu. The sod the stew and bangers and mash are also favorites of mine. For dessert you can't go wrong with the bread and butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding, or the Bailey's creme brulee tart. The Dunbrody Kiss and the strawberry apple cobbler however were disappointing- nothing special at all. The prices at Raglan Road have been going up steadily in my last few trips there (just like everywhere) as good as it is, it is losing its value for money aspect in my mind and therefore gets a 9/10 instead of a 10.
"feels like ireland"
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
really good food, makes you feel like your in ireland. come for music and the danceing. i am an irish dancer and my dad told the musicans. i ended up doing a few dances since the dancer wasnt there. i also love the dancer they have, really great.
"One of the best!"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2008 by wdwmagic
Rating: 10  
This is a great dining location, one of the best in WDW in my opinion. The fish and chips is the best I have had the world (and I'm English, so I know fish and chips!). For dessert, be sure to try the Creme Brulee or the mighty Bread and Butter Pudding. It doesnt sound great, but trust me, it is!

Service is always good, the pricing is reasonable, the place has a large capacity, and is highly recommended!
"Wonderful food"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2008 by Aurora_25
Rating: 10  
This is one of the main places I have to go everytime I travel to WDW. The atmosphere is really great and so is the food. A little different than what I am used to, but I really like it.

"It's just awful"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2008 by mkt
Rating: 10  
Awfully good that is!

Hah! [/cheese]

It's the perfect atmosphere to drink, be merry, and find out that you are part irish... even if you're not.
"One of our favorites now at DTD!"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2008 by scorp111
Rating: 8  

We ate dinner at Raglan Road in September 2007.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere. It is very dark, but we really felt that it had an authentic feel.

I had the Portabello Mushroom Cap, and it was excellent! One of the better vegetarian dishes I have eaten at WDW.

My wife enjoyed the fish and chips. She can be quite particular about her Fish and Chips, after all we lived in the UK for two years.

My Father-in-law had the Shepard's Pie and he thought it was good as well.

My mother-in-law ordered the romaine salad with chicken, and there was no complaints there either.

The only thing we ordered off the childrens menu was the Mac & Cheese. Our DD actually didn't like it that well because it is made with dubliner (relatively strong) cheese. I liked it enough to take it back to our room at Saratoga Springs for a late night snack!

Overall, we would definitely eat there again!

Raglan Road
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