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Raglan Road dinner menu
It’s all for me!

Heritage Tomato Salad - Heirloom tomato & rocket salad with shallots, parmesan crisps & balsamic reduction. 12

Soul Soup - Made fresh daily. Your lovely server has the info. 6

Mighty Mussels - 1/2lb of fresh Blue Hill bay mussels in a coconut infused curry broth. 10

Tart Art - Asparagus & goat cheese tart with garden peas, leeks & lemon oil dressed arugula. 10

Salmon Swoon – Choice Irish smoked salmon served with capers, shallots & crème fraiche. 13

Kiss Before Prawns – Pan seared prawns in a garlic & chili lemon butter sauce with crostinis. Get your kissing done before this dish arrives. 13

Crock o’ Pate - Our crock of rustic chicken liver pate served with apricot chutney. 10

It’s all for sharing

Scallop Forrest - Georges Bank scallops in a golden batter served with citrus lime dipping sauce & sweet chili jam. 15

Calamari City - Salt ‘n’ pepper calamari & mixed tempura vegetables served with a spicy remoulade 12

Dalkey Duo - Battered cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce. 11

Heaven on Earth - Baby back ribs tossed in a Guinness glaze. 14

Nom Nom Wings – Sweet ‘n spicy wings tossed in a honey, chili flake, soy & ginger sauce. 10

Smokie City – Creamy smoked haddock & Dubliner cheese dip with potatoes, tomatoes & grilled baguette. 13

Appetizer D’Lirrah – Our Dalkey duo, Scallop forrest, Heaven on Earth & Nom Nom Wings as described above. 26

It’s all green

Cashel Cashel - Crumbled Cashel blue cheese, caramelized pecans, grape tomatoes, raspberries, prosciutto crisps, crostini’s & raspberry vinaigrette. 14 Add chicken or shrimp. 5

Hail Caesar - Classic Caesar salad with prosciutto crisps, grape tomatoes, croutons & shaved parmesan. Add chicken or shrimp. 12

Citrus Salmon - Grilled salmon fillet with mixed greens, carrots, orange segments & toasted almonds with a citrus herb vinaigrette. 17

SSS Beefy - sssseared beef with mixed greens tossed in balsamic, roasted tomato, crispy onions & a horseradish cream. 15

The Vegetarian Goat – Oven roasted vegetables tossed in white balsamic and lemon oil dressing with crumbled goat’s cheese. 15

Vroom Salad - Gluten free quinoa grains with cider vinegar marinated beans, sweet & sour carrots, watercress & a honey mustard dressing. 12 Add chicken or shrimp 5

It’s all to Devour

Raglan Risotto – Risotto with shiitake mushrooms, garden peas, shaved parmesan & rocket lettuce. 15 Add chicken or shrimp. 5

Keen eye for the Shepherd’s Pie - We give the traditional Shepherd’s Pie a little makeover with our contemporary twist to this favorite dish. 18

Fish & Chips - Our famous beer battered fish n chips served with our fresh tartar sauce. (Ask our lovely server for gluten free option) 19

Lambo - Lamb shank braised in rosemary jus with mash, leeks, shitake mushrooms & baby carrots. 28

Lambo Italiano – Slow braised lamb ragout over rigatoni with tomatoes, fresh basil and reggiano. 22

Pie in the Sky - Reach new heights with our chicken & wild mushroom pie served with a (non -NASA) rocket lettuce. 19

Crusty Cod - Lemon parsley crusted Cod with a broad bean butter broth 25

Pork Vienna – Breaded and seared pork Schnitzel with fried egg and chips 20

Mighty Mixed Grill - Lamb chop, Guinness banger, sirloin steak, black pudding, chicken drumstick & bacon. Mighty. 28

Kevin's Heavenly Ham - Irish Mist glazed loin of bacon with savoy cabbage, colcannon potatoes, parsley sauce and a raisin cider jus 23

Cluck Chicken - Chicken breast in curry broth with onions, peppers, leeks & steamed almond rice. 19

Beefy Murray - Beef curry pie with spinach, potatoes, mushrooms & apple chutney 18

It’s a Porker – Grilled pork chop with colcannon potatoes & a port cider jus with apple chutney. 25

Sod the Stew - Its beef stew infused with a hint of Guinness. The auld sod personified. (Sniff) 17

Banger & Booz - Guinness & onion banger on mash, topped with caramelized onions & beef stew. 18

Burger ‘R’ Way – Char grilled sirloin beef burger with bacon, tomato chutney & Dubliner vintage cheddar. Served with Irish Style Chips. 15

Portobello Beauty - Portobello mushroom cap burger filled with Dubliner cheese, zucchini, tomato chutney & served with Irish styles chips. 15

Braised Be. Beef – Braised beef with horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted carrots & parsnips. 25

Salmon of Knowledge - Baked Atlantic salmon fillet topped with smoked salmon, served with a maple glaze. It'll give you brains to burn. 25

Serious Steak – 10oz sirloin topped with Irish whiskey marmalade glaze, with fresh basil oil, mashed potatoes & topped with beer battered onion rings. 27

It's not bleedin' Chowder! - That's what Master Chef said! It's the freshest cuts of seafood & potatoes in a white wine infused cream broth. But it’s not chowder. Ok? 25

Mammy’s Roast Chicken – Lemon thyme roasted half chicken with mashed potatoes and natural jus. 20

Sides 5

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