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Nine Dragons Restaurant dinner menu
Appetizers and Dim Sum
Chinese Cuisine is famous for its appetizers called Dim Sum or "hearts delight"
Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls $4.99
-Shanghai-style Spring Rolls made fresh daily, with Minced Pork, Baby Shrimp, and Chinese Vegetables
Pot Sticker $5.99
-Traditional Wok-sauteed Dumplings filled with Pork and Vegetables
Chicken and Shrimp Shoa Mai $5.99
-Traditional Steamed Dim Sum of Chicken, Shrimp, and Water Chestnuts Flavored with a hint of Ginger
Golden Tofu Tiles $4.75
-Fried Bean Curd Served with a Five-flavor Dipping Sauce
Jing Du Garlic Ribs $7.99
-Beijing-style Ribs stewed in Garlic and Red Rice Spice, lightly fried to seal in the flavors
Sha Cha Beef Skewers $7.99
-Savory Beef flavored with Sha Cha Sauce
Appetizer Tri-star $10.99
-A delightful combination of three favorite Dim Sum: Pot Sticker, Shrimp and Pork Spring Roll, and Chicken and Shrimp Shoa Mai
Drunken Chicken $4.99
-Chicken marinated in Shao Xing Wine and Dry White Wine, steamed and served cold in an earthen jar
Scallion Fragrant Shrimp $7.95
-Cocktail Shrimp served with a fragrant Scallion Dipping Sauce
Four-happiness Appetizer Medley $12.99
-A cold appetizer sampler platter of Ginger-flavored String Bean, Scallion Fragrant Chicken Breast, Spicy Beef Salad, and Garlic Savory Pork
Fresh Vegetarian Spring Roll $6.75
-Fresh Spring Roll served cold

Soups, Salads, and Side Dishes
Spicy Hot and Sour Soup $3.00
-Hot and Spicy Beijing-Style Soup with Shredded Pork and Chinese Vegetables
Shanghai Won Ton Soup $3.00
-Shanghai-style Pork Won Tons served in Chicken Broth
Side of Fried Rice $3.00
-A Delightful Accompaniment for any entree, with Vegetables and Egg
Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles $4.99
-Noodles with Spicy Sichuan and Pork Topping
Salad in a Vase $5.99
-Enjoy a Bouquet of Daikon Radish, Carrots, Asparagus, Celery, Romaine Lettuce, and Fried Noodle Ribbons served with our deliciously spicy Guai Wei ("strange flavor") dressing

Sampler for Two
Dim Sum
Two Spring Rolls and Two Shoa Mai
Shanghai Won Ton Soup or Spicy Hot-and-Sour Soup
Choose any Two Entrees
Cantonese Pepper Beef, Honey Sesame Chicken, Cantonese Sweet-and-Sour Pork, or Stir-fried Shrimp with Garden Vegetables with Steamed Rice, Fortune Cookies, and Red Bean Ice Cream

-served with White Rice
Canton Pepper Beef $18.75
-Beef Stir-Fried with Onions, Green and Red Peppers with Scallion-flavored Noodles on the side
Hong Kong-style Sirloin $21.95
-Sauteed Sirloin served with Chef Wei’s special Hong Kong Sauce with Scallion Flavored Noodles on the side
Savory Beef in Spicy Broth $18.99
-Beef poached in a highly flavorful and spicy Sichuan-style Broth flavored with Sichuan Pepper, Scallions, and Shanghai Bok Choy- Very Spicy
Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork $15.75
-Crispy Batter Fried Pork Loin, with Bell Peppers and Pineapple in a Sweet-and-Sour Sauce
Ma Po Tofu $12.99
-Tofu Stir-fried with Ground Pork in a Sichuan Spicy Sauce- can be made mild or vegetarian
Pork Loin in Xo Sauce $15.75
-Sauteed Tender Pork Loin in Savory XO Sauce with Stir-Fried String Beans
Sichuan Kung Boa Chicken $16.75
-Chicken Stir-fried with Peanuts, Red and Green Peppers, and Dried Hot Sichuan Peppers in a Spicy Kung Boa Sauce, roasted Peanuts served on the side
General Tso’s Chicken $16.99
-Hunan-style Crispy Chicken Stir-fried in a Spicy Brown Sauce
Honey Sesame Chicken $17.99
-Batter-fried Chicken Breast served with a delicious tangy Honey and Sesame Sauce
Lamb Chops in Spicy Sauce $22.99
-Succulent Xinjiang-style Lamp Chops smothered in a slightly Spicy and Savory Sauce over a bed of Stir-fried String Beans
Steamed Fish Fillet in Five Spices Flavor $19.99
-Mouth-watering Tender, Steamed White Fish Fillet Flavored with our Slightly Spicy Five-Flavor Sauce
Steamed Scallop & Tofu with Black Bean Sauce $17.99
-Sweet, juicy Scallops steamed with Tofu with Black Bean Sauce
Stir-fried Shrimp with Garden Vegetables $18.75
-Shrimp Stir-fried with a variety of Seasonal Vegetables
Sichuan Sea Treasures in Red Rice Sauce $29.99
-Sichuan-style Seafood Casserole with Lobster Tail, Scallops, and Shrimp sauteed with Cantonese Choy Sum, Chinese Mushrooms, Buddha’s Hand Squash in a spicy Red Rice Spice and Xo Sauce

Beijing Duck Dinner $38.75
Serves Two
-This Elaborate and Well-known Dish is Served in Two Courses, Crispy Beijing Duck Skin with Steamed Butterfly Buns
Beijing Style Stir-Fried Shredded Duck

Vegetarian Dishes
Eggplant Sauteed in Garlic Sauce $12.99
-Chinese Eggplants sauteed in Savory Garlic Sauce
Braised Shanghai-style Wheat Kao Fo $12.99
-Shanghai Mock Meat(wheat gluten or "Kao Fu")braised with "mao du"(fresh soy beans) in a Savory Brown Sauce
Stir-fry Seasonal Vegetables $12.99
-Shanghai Bok Choy, Broccoli, Bean Sprouts, Tomato Wedges, Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Buddha’s Hand Squash, and Black Fungus

Fried Rice
Nine Dragons Fried Rice $14.75
-Stir-fried with Shrimp, Ham, Chicken, and Vegetables

Red Bean Ice Cream
Ginger Ice Cream
Assorted Desserts

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