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Low Tide Lou's menu

Chicken wrap  $6.39

Tuna sandwich  $5.79

Caesar salad with chicken  $7.19

Apple sauce  .89  (ddp snack)

Assorted chips  $2.39  (ddp snack)

Mickey's premium ice cream bar  $2.59  (ddp snack)

Edy's strawberry fruit bar  $2.59  (ddp snack)

Mickey's cookies 'n cream ice cream sandwich  $2.59  (ddp snack)

Nestle frozen lemonade cup  $2.99  (ddp snack)

Dessert cups  $3.59  (ddp snack)


Budweiser  $5.25

Bud light  $5.25

Foster's oil can  $8.25

wine  $7.10
-pino grigio, chardonnay, white zinfandel

Dasani bottled water  $2.50  (ddp snack)

Bottled soft drinks  $2.39  (ddp snack)
-Cocoa-cola, Diet Coke, Sprite 

Powerade  $2.89  (ddp snack)

Minute Maid orange juice  $2.39  (ddp snack)

All-day refillable mug  $9.59
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Low Tide Lou's
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