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Leaning Palms menu
1. 1/2lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger $8.79

2. Chicken Breast Nuggets (8) $7.89

3. Pepperoni Pizza $6.99

4. Chili Dog $7.49

5. Chicken Wrap $8.39

6. Chopped CHicken Salad $8.39

7. Turkey with Pesto $8.29

8 Barbecued Pork Sandwich $8.89

Whistle Wetters

Soft drinks $2.19 & $2.49 (ddp snack)
-Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Gold Peak iced tea, Minute Maid light lemonade, fanta orange

All-day refillable mug $9.99

Minute Maid apple $1.89
or orange juice $2.39 (ddp snack)

Dasani bottled water $2.50 (ddp snack)

Low fat milk or chocolate milk $1.49 (ddp snack)

Coffee $2.09 (ddp snack)
-regular or decaf

Hot tea or hot cocoa $2.09 (ddp snack)

Bud Light $6.00

Hurricane Reef Amber $6.75

Kid's Picks
-for guests 9 & under
-all meals include choice of 2 side items: carrot sticks, applesauce, or fruit punch gelatin
-choice of: 1% milk, small bottled water, or small apple juice
-served in a sand pail with shovel

Cheese Pizza $6.49
Hot dog $6.49
Chicken Wrap $6.49

peanut butter & jelly $6.49

-chocolate chip cookie, french fries or soft drink available upon request

From the Garden

Garden Side Salad $3.99 (ddp snack)

Surf and Sweet Sides

French fries $2.49 (ddp snack)

Fruit cup $3.39 (ddp snack)

Potato chips $2.69 (ddp snack)

Chocolate Chip coolie $1.99

Chocolate Cake or Cheesecake $3.59

-sales tax not included
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