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Sunset Blvd, Disney's Hollywood Studios
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KRNR Station menu
Minute Maid frozen lemonade  $3.29 (ddp snack)

Smoothies  $3.99 (ddp snack)
-strawberry, banana, strawberry-banana, orange-pineapple, and cappuccino

Root beer float  $3.79 (ddp snack)

Waffle cone  $3.79 (ddp snack)

Soft serve ice-cream cup  $2.89 (ddp snack)
-vanilla, chocolate, or swirl

Chips  $2.39 (ddp snack)

Chocolate chip cookie  $1.79 (ddp snack)

Soft drinks  $2.19 (ddp snack)
-Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Barq's root beer

Minute Maid orange  $2.39 (ddp snack)

Apple juice  $2.39 (ddp snack)

Smartwater  $3.25 (ddp snack)

Dasani bottled water  $2.50 (ddp snack)

Coffee  $1.89 (ddp snack)
-regular or decaf

-sales tax not included 
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KRNR Station
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