Kringla Bakeri Og Kafé menus

World Showcase, Epcot
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Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe menu
Kringla sweet pretzel  4.29

School bread  1.99

Lefse  1.99

cloudberry Horn  3.09

Roast beef sandwich  7.19

Norwegian club  7.49
-turkey, ham and bacon

Salmon and egg  7.49

Ham and apple sandwich  6.99

Potato, goat cheese and vegetable  5.99

Apple danish

Cherry danish

Chocolate chip cookie  1.99

Waffle  2.79

cinnamon bun

cappuccino cheesecake  3.59

Chocolate mousse cake  3.59

Veiled maiden  3.59

Fruit tart  3.99

Rice cream  2.29

Strawberry cream cup  3.59

Coconut tart  3.59

Chocolate pound cake  3.59

Worms n dirt

fruit cup  3.39

Kringla daily chef's selection  9.99
-gourmet sandwich served with a cup of soup

Kid's Picks
-for guests 9 and under
-all meals include grapes, carrot sticks, and choice of 1% milk, small bottled water, or 100% apple juice

peanut butter and jelly  4.99

-cookie or soft drink available upon request

Coffee (regular or Decaff)
Cappuccino or Latte

Espresso or double espresso

Viking coffee  8.25
-flavored with kahlua coffee liquer and bailey's irish cream

Bailey's and coffee  7.25
-flavored with bailey's irish cream


Soft drinks  2.19 & 2.49
-coke, diet coke, sprite, minute maid light lemonade, golden peak iced tea

Dasani bottled water  2.50

Minute maid apple or orange juice  1.89

Low fat milk  1.48

Carlsberg beer  7.50
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