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"Failed Reservation but some Redemption"
Reviewed on Apr 05, 2014 by charles
Rating: 2  
Began with a 40-minute wait even though we had a reservation; well, that failure caused our entire party to be disappointed from the get-go.

Expectations were high as we planned this event many weeks ahead of time but something went terribly wrong and manager was unable to accommodate our party until other patrons finished their meals...we had to wait as there was no table reserved for us! I even arrived 15-minutes early to confirm the reservation and hostess checked her database and indicated all was well...our entire party arrived on time...then the painful wait.

Cora & Disney, please fix this!

Now, if you ignore our first impression, or have a saint's patience, consider the food and service. First, the service: the manager did demonstrate his concern as our table was set with Kouzzina Spreads (Chickpea Hummus, Eggplant Spread, Taramosalata, Whipped Feta with Peppers, and Tzatziki) with Pita before we were seated. A nice gesture, and now important, as one of our guests was feeling ill from the unexpected long delay. Unfortunately our server was just too busy, to keep up with our party of seven and her other duties. This immediately became apparent as I ordered Appetizers for the table so as to ensure food would be arriving quickly ~ we now lost nearly an hour of our night and missed other planned Disney fun. Appetizers: Calamari, Spanakopita, Gigantes and Saganaki. Oops; the wrong quantities arrived. We moved on and ordered a bottle Greek white wine and the service for that was just fine!

Entrees: All were good, plentiful, and everyone enjoyed the following:

1. Kouzzina Trio - small portions of pastitsio, grilled lamb burgers and stewed chicken with orzo;
2. pork tenderloin with vegtables;
3. chicken with tomatoes and orzo
4. a whole fish - a kitchen assisted with taking it off the bone - roasted with greens, olives and fennel;
5. a rib-eye steak;
6. pastitsio and
7. braised short ribs.

In summary: if the 40-minute wait was removed the review would have been more about the food but alas. Only two stars out of five. Cat Cora and Kouzzina have the right idea but will have to impress me a lot more to win me back.

"Great Service, Horrible Food"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2013 by Theresa
Rating: 2  
In an effort to maximize our experience, we ordered the "Six Course Meal", we were paying cash/not using the Disney Dining Plan. The food was absolutely beautiful. The service was wonderful. Then we tasted - UGH! Salt is NOT a substitute for flavor... Seafood Stew and Braised Short Ribs were the double main course. All we could taste was salt. Both dishes were inedible. (Important to note, I do like salty food, I'm not one of the 'no salt' types). My tongue literally seized up from the salt. This is where the service broke down, because when I explained the issue to the server, all she did was apologize... The bill for two people, including 1/2 bottle wine and iced tea came to over $200.00 - which would be fine if the food was any good. The following night we went to Wolfgang Puck's in Downtown Disney and had an outstanding meal... Steer clear of Kouzzina!!!
"Food Good, Service AWFUL"
Reviewed on Jun 28, 2013 by bgh
Rating: 3  
We were so excited to try out Cat Cora's restaurant and were completely let down. When we first sat down, I was extremely impressed with our server - he knew the menu, he knew the wine and was very friendly. We ordered a wine he suggested, which was very good. We ordered an appetizer and entrees. Once he brought our drinks out, we pretty much never saw him again. Our appetizer, which was baked goat cheese, took 25 minutes. I had to ask another server to check on it for us. Once it was finally brought out, our food arrived within 5 minutes. It was obvious that the appetizer was forgotten about. Our server did come out with the food and see if we needed anything. But again, once he did that, we didn't see him again until after our meal was finished. I asked for a manager and when she came by, I explained all that had occurred and how disappointed we were. She offered us dessert and didn't say much about the incident. Not only did our server not clear any of our plates, including the appetizer plates, but the manager didn't either! Working in a restaurant as a server, a bartender and even a front of house manager; this service was completely unacceptable. Even though we were on vacation and it isn't around the corner to visit all the time, when we return to Orlando, we will definitely not be going back. And it also says something about Cat Cora's other restaurants.
"Both a good and bad experience"
Reviewed on May 28, 2013 by Funj_k
Rating: 6  
The restaurant had a nice atmosphere and the service was good. I was suprised when we had to wait and got into the seating area and there was only 3 tables with patrons.

The appetizers were good and the wine selection adequate. I ordered the Short Rib which was one of the best I have ever had..but the steak my husband ordered was not worth the money. The steak was ordered medium rare and was served medium well. The waitress acknowledged the over cooking and had a second made. Obviously the kitchen found that unacceptable as the second steak came out, cut in half to make sure that it was medium rare but it was the vein steak and the chef would have seen that. The vein within the steak made 1/3 of it could not be eaten with this vein in it. When we pointed it out, the chef came out and explained they don't cut their own steaks, they do NOT use center cut and there are 2 or 3 of these in each case. As my husband is a meat salesman, he was suprised that they charged what they did for a non-center cut. The chef was not polite regarding being questioned. We were not asking for any kind of compensation and of course did not get any.

The iron chef Cat Cora would not have served that steak. Is it really her restaurant?

I would go back but not for a steak or to talk with a chef.
"Fire the "Chef" "
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2013 by Cat Cora Restaurant in the Salt Lake Airport
Rating: 1  
Horrible experience from the soggy "Fried Yams" to the overcooked NY Strip Steak.. Crapola my fellow Diners...Totally yuck yuck yuck...
"Terrible Food and Dirty Kitchen Staff!!"
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2013 by Oscar Jimenez
Rating: 1  
Poor Food Quality in general, from the presentation to the bland flavor~overall s big letdown!! I also went to the Cat Cora Restaurant at the Salt Lake City International Airport and I think this one was just as bad too..Very poorly run Kitchen-you can tell by the gossiping going on and the unhygienic Kitchen Staff..The salad was very bland-the Tangerine dressing was one dimensional and the flank steak was way overcooked.....Don't bother..
"One of our Favorites!"
Reviewed on Jan 06, 2013 by Texas Family
Rating: 9  
We have 3 boys, 14, 10, & 12. We all enjoyed this restaurant. The only item we didn't care for was the lasagna because of the cinnamon. The pork tenderloin was the best we have ever had, the steak, lamb, appetizers, desserts were all amazing. We will definitely go back there on our next trip. By far one of the best restaurants we went to on our trip!! The staff was courteous & helpful. The chef was from TX & even came out to talk with us as we are fellow Texans.
"Cat Cora in SLC Airport"
Reviewed on Nov 20, 2012 by Air Traveler
Rating: 1  
Really? $10 for two powdered eggs, cold,gross, tough turkey bacon and dry toast! NEVER AGAIN = = = YUCK!
"They Turn Tables to Fast!"
Reviewed on May 20, 2012 by ableguitarist2
Rating: 1  
We were very excited to have dinner at the famous Cat Cora's Restaurant, Unfortunately it was one of the worst places we ate at on our 10 day vacation at Disney World. They sat us quickly, which was great and the appetizer was delicious but when our Entrees arrived my sons fish was very dry,my wifes vegetables were mooshy and my short ribs were substituded for a big fatty chunk of Stew Meat..........Really STEW MEAT!!!!!And Lastly the doughnuts we ordered for desert that took 20 minutes to make, were hard as a rock! We Will NEVER eat there again! Try Portobello at Downtown Disney, now thats a good restaurant!
"Kouzzina Breakfast Review"
Reviewed on Mar 27, 2012 by RWilliams
Rating: 9  
I recently had the opportunity to have breakfast at Kouzzina. It was a very pleasant surprise! The food was excellent, the service adequate (our server could have been more friendly), and the atmosphere was nice and quiet. I had the turkey and sweet potato hash topped with two perfectly poached eggs and an arugula salad. It was fresh, wholesome, perfectly seasoned and very tasty. It was served with a buttery crossiant. I wouldn't hesitate to return to Kouzzina and hope to try dinner at some point in the near future.
"kdlyte's review"
Reviewed on Mar 11, 2012 by wdwfan317
Rating: 10  
I have not yet eaten here, but kdlyte's review sold me. My husband and i both got choked up reading it and we will be asking for Chef Michael as we have a few allergies in our family as well. Thank you for sharing your review. We are looking forward to going there in September. Be Blessed!
"Just a famous name on a restaurant.....sub par and dissappointed...."
Reviewed on Jan 09, 2012 by drt144
Rating: 3  
It is obvious that she spends NO time at this place as the food was not near her supervision or ability....she should take her endorsement off the marquis
"two of five"
Reviewed on Dec 05, 2011 by YiaYia
Rating: 4  
Really disappointed .... the food was sub standard and not at all authentic
representation of our culture except for the loukomades.
While there is no sauces served with this dessert, the taste was totally there.

"Opa! Absolutely perfect!"
Reviewed on Nov 08, 2011 by GlenAngl
Rating: 10  
We had dinner here on Thursday 10/27/11 -- ADR for 7:50pm. We started with the trio of Kouzzina spreads (tzatziki, eggplant, and whipped feta). The whipped feta was incredible!!
My fiance got the cinnamon-stewed chicken which he absolutely loved, while I had the pastitsio (Greek-style lasagna). The lasagna was also very good and very filling -- a good comfort food. I proposed to my boyfriend while dining here and the staff arranged for a special chocolate dessert for us which was very sweet, otherwise we would have had the donuts.
Also, try an ouzo-tini!
"We will be back!"
Reviewed on Sep 17, 2011 by GoBeavs
Rating: 10  
My wife and I had breakfast at Kouzzina's on our first day at Disney World. What a great place to start. The food was amazing and the service was great. We will go again on our next visit.
"Did It Again........3/23/11"
Reviewed on Apr 03, 2011 by 
Rating: 9  
We were seated immediately, got the table we wanted, Lynne was our server, and couldn't have been nicer. We started with wine flights,
mine the Greek Isles, and she the Cat Flight Whites...pricey, but worthwhile tastings of 2 oz. pours of 3 different wines each, along with the Kouzzina Sampler, which is grilled pitas served with Kalamata olives, hummus, Dolmades(stuffed grape leaves), spiced chick peas, Tsatziki(yogurt with garlic, cucumber, kalamata),olive oil for dipping, Spiced Prawns, and Sesame Lamb Meatballs, which could have been enough, as we are foodies, but not gluttons, and well....we didn't stop there.

We had heard about the Lamb Shank so much, we decided to split it.

And it was wonderful. With the Kouzzina potatoes, which disappeared
quickly, and Gigantes beans(big butter beans) in a bell pepper sauce. We eat veggies all the time, but we came for specialties, so...

It was early, 6:45p, and we were full, anyway, so we went merrily.

And we'll do it again. So much fun to get off the plane and go there immediately. Next time, maybe the Oak-fired Pork Tenderloin, and (veggies!) Spiced Briami with Kasseri and Orzo.

Maybe Ouzo! Without the water on the side.

Opa!, Y'all.
Reviewed on Feb 25, 2011 by 
Rating: 9  
We ate there on 1/21/11.

Missed Cat's appearance there, by three days. (sigh)

A sampling visit, as we are foodies, but didn't want to fill up.

We split the Kouzzina Sampler to start. Loved the spiced chick peas, prawns, and sesame-lamb meatballs and considered all to be flavor bombs. Tzatziki was good, Dolmades(stuffed grape leaves) needed more Oomph, but we'll have it all again.

And the bread was so good. I ate the top off of the whole loaf after the app. Didn't want to fill up, but I could see that happening, anyway.......

Next, we split the Kouzinna Trio-Pastitsio(or as the menu calls it, Greek style lasagna, which is about the only way you could desribe it to the average Disney customer), and now I want to make that myself. It is sheer entertainment food. I cringe when I read a review comparing it to actual lasagna.

The Lamb Burger. Also great.

And the Cinnamon-Stewed Chicken with Orzo, our most satisfying finish, which opened our world to cinnamon being used in savory dishes.

We're going again, of course. Luck of the draw, we had a great waiter, Said, I think? Hope he's still there, this time.

One month to go, and we're counting the days.

"Pretty good, but not great"
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2011 by HopLow
Rating: 7  
We ate at Kouzzina on 1/21. Our server was very knowledgable and helpful in directing our selections. I had the Cinnamon Chicken, which was tasty, but fatty. The Galaktoboureko was incredible! But it was all very rich. My friend had the whole fish, which was delicious and the Chocolate Budino Cake. The cake was not too sweet, very chocolatey. All in all, it was a good meal, but not great. Since we were on the DDP, I didn't pay attention to the prices, but I'm not sure I would venture back to pay out of pocket.
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2011 by roady1973
Rating: 1  
Service was rude, slow, and actually talked back to us. Food was horrible as well. Very overpriced. This place should be kicked out of Disney.
"Not what I expected "
Reviewed on Sep 10, 2010 by Special4k6
Rating: 2  
I am finishing my culinary degree and I always want to learn more. I make a point to find the restaurants that have something new, or different on the menu or lots of buzz around them. I was so happy to score a last minute reservation at kouzzina... The iron chef, I was so excited. The restaurant is beautiful , every thing done with taste. But that's where my happiness ended. The elderly waiter tried really hard but managed to get our order wrong twice, forgot the kind of wine we were drinking and then just forgot the wine all together. I ordered the kouzzina trio to get an idea of the menu , lasagna , cinnamon chicken, and lamb burger. Let's just say that I went hungry that night. Lasagna had no taste full of overcooked noodles and grease, lamb burger was a good idea but way to spicy for the average public I didn't taste the lamb, cinnamon chicken was the only thing edible. A lot of money for very average food, very disappointed.
"Good Food, Fun Staff"
Reviewed on Jul 31, 2010 by Disneygal24
Rating: 7  
We enjoyed our meal at Kouzzina - is it on the same level as CA Grill - no. But it is on par with Rose and Crown and The Wave.

We had the one of the flat breads but checking the updated menus it looks like they are no longer on the menu.

My husband had the lamb shanks and said they were tender and flavorful. I had the Whole Fish and it was really good - the fish was so fresh and the flavor was amazing. My girlfriend had the Pastitsio which is the Greek Style Lasagna - it was interesting. It wasn't bad but it was very unexpected, it was good once you got over the fact that it is nothing like an italian lasagna.

All in all the food was really good. The open kitchen is fun - there was lots of "OMPA's" being yelled.

"Great Food!"
Reviewed on Jul 29, 2010 by kverdon
Rating: 8  
We have eaten at Kouzzina twice. Once in Sept 2009 and again in March 2010. We very much enjoyed our dinner both times. We have had the Cinnamon Chicken dish, the Lamb and the whole fish. All were excellent, especially the whole fish, it melted in your mouth. We were very disappointed we could not get a reservation for our trip in nov/dec 2010.

Kevin and Mona
"one of the best.."
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 10  
one of the best restaurants.. another one that I can't believe has such a low rating, though I think if you read what people write you might see whether you should trust their opinion or not... the food was delicious, the appetizers and entrees are amazing. Some awesome vegetarian options, too..
"one of the best.."
Reviewed on Jul 26, 2010 by Birdflu
Rating: 10  
one of the best restaurants.. another one that I can't believe has such a low rating, though I think if you read what people write you might see whether you should trust their opinion or not... the food was delicious, the appetizers and entrees are amazing. Some awesome vegetarian options, too..
"Disappointing,not worthy of disney. "
Reviewed on Apr 04, 2010 by Ultramann007
Rating: 1  
Very disappointing experience. Service was very slow. Appetizers leave much to be desired. "greens" that come with entree are a glob of overcooked, mushy spinach, which was inedible. Extremely overpriced, felt ripped off. Not worthy of disney.
"Dinner was amazing. Never had someone help us so much"
Reviewed on Jan 09, 2010 by kdlyte
Rating: 9  
WE came into Kouzzina with a party of foru, My husband, My daughter, my son and I sat at a nice table across from the kitchen, soo we could see the show. It was a busy night...November 23rd to be exact, and we were seated in about 15 minutes. Now my Son Jeremy has a sever allergy to Wheat and Glutten. He never really has much of anything, but grilled chicken, or a burger with no bread. Our Server Stephanie came to our table and told us that shewas going to get the Chef. A Very nice man, names Chef Michael, came to our table right away, and kneeled down between myself and Jeremy. Instead of saying what he could not have, he started off by asking Jeremy what he liked to eat. Jeremy told him that he usualy ate plain chicken with a vegetable and sometimes he had a mini baked potato. The chef said we could definatly do that for you, but if that is what you alwyas have, I think I should ask again. What do you like to eat? He leaned over and said something I didnt hear, until the Chef just smiled and said hey, I can do that, and his Eyes popped out of his head and smiled. The chef then came on and said With that...how about fresh frenchfries, and Jeremy said he couldnt cause the tell him they are powered with flour. That is everything we have ever heard. Chef Michael said, not mine, Im going to cut them myself and make sure we are safe. Chef then told us that Jeremy would be having Pepperoni Pizza, French Fries, and for desert, A Brownie with Vanilla (Glutten Free) Ice Cream. I actually cried. Each time he brought out a dish, Chef Michael, no matter how busy he was, brought out each course. and again informed us what the dish was, how he made it, and re-layed the allergys not on it. He did such an amazing job, My son loved his dinner so much, that the next 3 nights we came back, and had great service again and again. Well worth it for allergies, and Ask for Chef Michael
"Not what we expected."
Reviewed on Dec 30, 2009 by jcarr631
Rating: 5  
Me and my wife ate at the resturant in early December. We both had high hopes. Reality is, it is hard to tell the difference from the old Spoodles. Average food promoted better then it was.(Had Lamb shank) Felt like we were being served by diner staff; whom were uncomfortable and confused with resturants identity. Wouldn't recommend it and surprized Cat didn't do more to make it her own. To resturant and staff defense. Friends on honeymoon enjoyed their experience. Waitress sat down with them and went over menu. New bride enjoyed casual overly friendly service. Also they loved desert.(Fried dough with dipping sauce) We never made it that far. Sweet shop next day seemed like better option. If you liked Spoodles you will like Kouzzina. Don't expect better or much different.
Reviewed on Dec 02, 2009 by Ariel484
Rating: 5  
Portions were small for the price and food was just okay. Service was fine. We won't go back.
"not so impressed... :0("
Reviewed on Oct 28, 2009 by smokinc2000
Rating: 6  
My friends and I are all a bunch of foodies. We have been to Ramsey's Cielo in boca Raton, seen Bobby Flay at cooking shows and look foward to eating at as many culinary delights as possible. We were so excited to hear that "Cat Cora" from the Iron Chef opened her own restaurant in Epcot on the Boardwalk. We stayed at The Boardwalk before and had eaten at Spoodles (where Kouzzina is now). unfortunately the first thing we noticed, was nothing. the decor was the same, if it changed any it was not noticeable. Same tables, chairs, decor. The food was good... but not great. I had so hoped that the food would be so delicious... but it was quite ordinary... not something that you are paying so much for with the "a-la carte" menu. We had spent the day at the wine festival and really for the money I prefered the food from "Greece" at Epcot. Don't get me wrong, the food was good (calamari was good with the garlic sauce, greek salad was good, the steaks were ok...not that great). I have to say the most disheartening part of the whole experience was the fact that when I booked the reservations weeks in advance it was for a special occassion on October 24th. My friend Karen was celebrating her birthday... that was the reason for our whole 4 day trip. When I made the reservations, they asked about it, asked about her name... said they would announce it during dinner. I was so excited. So eventhough the dinner was ok thus far I was looking foward to the announcement. Well I saw a cupcake coming down the aisle with a candle and a birthday song being sung... then they passed us to the next table. never aknowledged Karen's birthday at all. I was so disappointed. I love the persoanl attention you ordinarily get with anything Disney... the hotel even gavve Karen a birthday pin...she was wearing. So I left disappointed. For the food being a bit more pricey, they should atleast up the decor or keep the decor as rustic and just a simpler menu. Hopefully theis was just a fluke and they will pay more attention to personal request in the future. We frequent Disney about 3 times a year but I can say I don't see myself going back to Kouzzina again :0(
Kouzzina by Cat Cora
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