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World Showcase, Epcot
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Joy of Tea menu
Chinese "bao bing" slush (non-alcoholic)  4.50
-strawberry oolong tea bao bing, mango green tea bao bing

Specialty Cocktail (alcoholic)  7.50

mango ginerita
-with vodka and rum

Canto Loopy
-with vodka and cantaloupe juice

Peach snap!
-with schnapps

Green plum bao bing
-with plum wine

Iced tea (sweetened)  3.79

Peach oolong

Mango green

Hot tea  3.19

Ginseng oolong


Dragon well

Green (decaff)

Soft drinks

Dasani bottled water  2.50

Sodas  1.59

Beer and Wine

Tsing Tao beer  5.75

Tsing Tao pure draft  5.75

Plum wine  4.99

Ice Cream  2.99

Strawberry red bean

Caramel ginger

Snack  3.99

Egg rolls

Cucumber salad

-sales tax not included
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Joy of Tea
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