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Ghirardelli Soda Fountain menu
Scoops & Cones 
chocolate-dipped waffle cone single scoop $4.25 double scoop $5.50
chocolate-dipped waffle bowl single scoop $5.25 double scoop $6.50
plain sugar cone or cup single scoop $3.95 double scoop $5.25 

Shakes and Floats 
ice cream float regular $5.50 large $6.50 
-with coke or root beer 
thick shake or malt regular $5.50 large $6.50 
-chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry 
Quake Shake $6.95

Build-your-own Sundae single scoop $5.50 double scoop $6.95 
-choose your favorites from our list of delicious ice cream flavors 
-1 topping, whipped cream, almonds & cherry 

Ice Cream Flavors 
Ghirardelli chocolate 
Espresso chip 
Cookies n' cream 
Chocolate chip 
Mint chocolate chip 
Strawberry cheesecake 
Blueberry cheesecake 
Ghirardelli rocky road 
Kona coffee 
Butter pecan 
Chocolate chip cookie dough 

Toppings- $1.00 
Hot fudge 
Dark hot fudge 
Chocolate syrup 
Warm caramel 
Crushed pineapple 
Sliced strawberry 
Marshmallow cream 

Sublime Sundaes 
Peanut Butter hot fudge sundae $8.95 

Banana Split $8.95

Butterscotch Hot Fudge Sundae $8.95

Warm Brownie Sundae $8.95

Cookie Bottom Sundae $8.95

Warm Caramel Sundae $8.50

Earth Quake Family favorite $29.95

Hot Fudge Sundae $8.50

Espresso Escape $8.50

Midnight Reverie $8.50

Mint Bliss $8.50

Banana Hot Fudge Sundae $8.95

Rocky Road Sundae $8.95

Very Berry Sundae $8.95

Chocolate Drinks 
Decadent drinking chocolate with biscotti $4.95 
-made with melted chocolate drops and packed with intense chocolate flavor in every rich, velvety sip 

Classic Ghirardelli hot cocoa small $3.25 large $3.75 
-with whipped cream 

Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa $4.25 $4.75

Espresso Drinks 
-available hot, iced, or frozen 
Latte single $3.50 double $3.95 
Cappuccino single $3.50 double $3.95 
Mocha single $3.95 double $4.50 
Caramel latte single $3.95 double $4.50 
White chocolate mocha single $3.95 double $4.50 
Espresso shots single $1.75 double $2.75 

Classic Drinks 
Coffee small $1.75 large $2.75 
Tea small $1.75 large $2.75 
Soft drinks small $1.75 large $2.25 

Ghirardelli Kids 
-includes rainbow sprinkles & goodie bag 
kids S'mores sundae $4.75 
single scoop cone or cup $3.75 

Chocolate Treats 
signature brownie $2.00 
colossal cookie $2.95 
chocolate covered strawberry $2.50
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Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop
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