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Fulton's Crab House dinner menu

Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 14.95
- House made cocktail sauce

Pacific Rim Blue Crab Cake 14.95
- Super lump crab cake, cucumber salad and mustard sauce

Seared Tuna 14.95
- Herb-crusted, served rare with pickled ginger and soy sauce 14.95

Mahi Fish Tacos 9.95
- Pico de gallo, cabbage radish slaw and cilantro lime sauce

Fried Calamari 11.95
- Crispy fried calamari steaks with tomato basil sauce

Prince Edward Island Mussels 12.95
- Sauteed with garlic, shallots and white wine

Key West Conch Fritters 10.95
- Served with lemon garlic remoulade

Fulton's Seafood Tower 19.95
- An assortment of chilled seafood. Featuring Alaska king crab, seared tuna, scallops, jumbo shrimp, stone crabs, giner, soy, cocktail and remoulade sauces. Minimum of two people. Price is per person

Portobello Mushroom Fries 9.95
- Served with mustard sauce


Blue Crab and Lobster Bisque 8.95
- Our signature bisque finished with sherry 8.95

New England Clam Chowder 7.95
- Fresh clams, potatoes, bacon, cream and fresh thyme

House Salad 6.95
- Field greens, tomatoes, endive, carrots, cucumber with a balsamic vinaigrette

Classic Caesar Salad 7.95
- Traditional Caesar dressing and our house made garlic croutons


Twice baked loaded potato 8.95
Grilled asparagus 6.95
Jumbo baked potato 5.95
Sauteed broccoli 5.95
Yukon Gold Whipped potatoes 5.95
Local market vegetable 5.95
Hash brown potatoes 5.95
Sauteed button mushrooms 6.95
French fries 5.95
Creamed spinach 5.95


Seafood Cioppino 35.95
- Our version of the San Fransisco classic with king crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops and fresh fish in a tomato herb broth, served over linguine

Baby Shrimp and Roasted Fennel 21.95
- Pappardelle pasta and fresh tomatoes

Chicken and mushroom pasta 19.95
- Linguine pasta, roasted mushrooms and sherry

Pan Roasted Mussels 23.95
- Pappardelle pasta, applewood smoked bacon, shaved parmesan cheese

Fulton's Crab House Seafood Trio 39.95
- A taste of everything: perfectly seasoned Wahoo, grilled shrimp and a super lump crab cake with lemon butter and Yukon Gold whipped potatoes

Fried Seafood Combination 25.95
- Popcorn shrimp and Pacific cod with french fries

Free Range Chicken Breast 19.95
- Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, demi glaze

Calamari Steak 17.95
- Tender herbed calamari, pan sauteed with diced Roma tomatoes, lemon butter and local market vegetable


Wild Ahi Tuna 32.95
- Shaved fennel and Florida orange salad

Atlantic Salmon 26.95
- Shiitake mushrooms and lemon caper brown butter 26.95

Costa Rica Mahi Mahi 24.95
- Roasted corn salsa

Wild Alaska Halibut 32.95
- Sundried tomato relish


North Pacific Dungeness Crab Legs 27.95
- 1 1/4 lb perfectly steamed with red skin potatoes

Alaska King Crab Claws 58.95
- 1 lb served steamed with red skin potatoes

Alaska Snow Crab 26.95
- 1 1/4 lb perfectly steamed with red skin potatoes

Alaska King Crab Legs 53.95
- A Fulton's family favorite: 1lb of sweet and succulent King crab legs perfectly steamed with red skin potaoes

Pacific Rim Blue Crab Cakes 29.95
- Sauteed super lump crab cakes with mustard sauce

Florida Sonte Crab Claws
- Served chilled - seasonal

Alaska Snow Crab and Wild Cold Water Lobaster Tail 48.95
- 10oz of Alaska snow crab and a 6oz cold water lobster tail

Rhose Island - Narragansett Lobster 44.95
- Oven roasted whole 1 1/4lb Maine lobster, stuffed with tender gulf shrimp and bay scallops

Alaska King Crab Claws and Wild Cold Water Lobster Tail 58.95
- 1/2 lb King Crab claws and cold water lobster tail $58.95

Louis Fulton's Ultimate Crab and Lobster Experience for Two 41.95 per person
- Our specialty combination: Two steamed while 1 1/4lb Maine Lobsters, snow crab, Dungeness crab with hash brown potatoes. Minimum of two people.


Choice of brandy green peppercorn sauce, classic bearnaise, or rosemary demi-glaze

Filet Mignon 44.95
- 10oz cut

Oscar Style 6.95
- Blue lump crabmeat, bearnaise and asparagus add 6.95

New york Strip 42.95
- 16oz cut

Pork Chop 21.95
- 14oz bone-in loin chip

Baby Back Ribs 26.95
- Loin ribs cooked over an open flame, Fulton's slaw and french fries

Alaska King Crab Claws 29.95
Wild Cold Water Lobster Tail 26.95
Alaska King Crab Legs 25.95
Grilled Pacific Shrimp 9.95


NY Strip and Wild Cold Water Lobster Tail 49.95
- 12oz NY and 6oz cold water lobster tail

NY Strip and Pacific Grilled Shrimp 42.95
- 12oz NY and 6oz of Pacific shrimp

Babay Back Ribs and Alaska King Crab Claws 38.95
- Half rack and 1/2lb King Crab claws
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