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Fulton's Crab House dinner menu
Dinner 4:00pm-11:00pm
note: this menu may include daily specials and seasonal items that may not be available at all times

Chilled Florida Stone Crab $18.95

Blue Crab Cake $14.95

New Bedford Diver Scallops $13.95
-pan-seared, with a melange of sauteed mushrooms, spinach and served with balsamic red pepper sauce

Prince Edward Island Mussels and Native Florida Littleneck Clams $10.95
-sauteed with garlic, shallots, white wine and our Fulton's seafood stock

Shrimp Cocktail $12.95
-five succulent jumbo shrimp, poached in old bay seasoning, then chilled and served on ice with our housemade cocktail sauce

Chilled Seafood Platter $16.95 per person, minimum two people please
-an assortment of seafood, from ports worldwide: Half of a Main lobster, king crab legs, shrimp in the rough, and our special blackened sea scallops, served with cocktail sauce and remoulade sauces

Fried Calamari $10.95
-cut strips with tomato basil sauce

Portobello Mushroom Fries $9.95
-with smoked mustard sauce

Seared Tuna $13.95
-thyme-crusted, served rare with seaweed salad, and soy sauce

On the Half-shell
Fresh Oysters $2.25 each

Soups and Salads
Crab and Lobster Bisque $7.95
-Robert Fulton's favorite after a day of seafaring. Our signature bisque made with brandy, sherry, blue crab and lobster

New England Clam Chowder $6.95
-creamy white clam chowder

Classic Caesar Salad $6.95
-crisp romaine lettuce with traditional caesar dressing and our housemade garlic croutons

House Salad $5.95
-mixed field greens, tomatoes, Belgian endive, carrots, and cucumbers with dark balsmic vinaigrette

Trio Of Whipped Potatoes $6.95
-our signature side dish of sweet, yukon gold, amd wasabi whipped potatoes

Baked Potato $4.95

Hash Brown Potatoes $5.95

Today's Chefs Vegetable $4.95

Grilled Asparagus $6.95

Sauteed Button Mushrooms $4.95

Fulton' Combinations
Fulton's Crab House Seafood Trio $38.95
-A taste of everything: perfectly seasoned grilled mahi mahi, grilled shrimp and a super lump crab cake with basil cream and yukon gold whipped potatoes

Fulton's Fried Platter $39.95
-a combination of Maine lobster tail, sea scallops and shrimp, with tartar and cocktail sauces, cole slaw and french fries

filet of Beef Oscar $43.95
-charcoal grilled, 8 oz. center cut of Angus beef, with blue lump crab meat, bearnaise sauce, and asparagus

Filet Mignon $39.95
-charcoal-grilled, with rosemary demi glace

Louie Fulton's Ultimate Crab and Lobster Experience for two $41.95 per person, minimum two people please
-our specialty combination: a fest of steamed crab and lobster. Alaska King Crab, Snow Crab, dungeness crab and 1 1/4 lb. Maine lobster, with hash browns and grilled asparagus

Alaska King Crab Claws and Australia Lobster Tail $51.95
-3/4 lb. King crab claws and grilled lobster tail, with red skin potatoes and drawn butter

or make your own surf-and-turf combinations by adding one of these perfectly paired items:
-with Austrailian lobster tail, add $27.95
-with Alaska King crab legs, add $19.95
-with grilled Pacific shrimp, add $9.95
-with Alaska King claws, add $24.95

Signature Shellfish: Crab and Lobster
Alaska King Crab Claws $49.95
-meaty claws, featuring 1 1/2 lb. of the sweetest, firmest crab meat, served steamed with red skin potatoes

Blue Crab Cakes $29.95
-sauteed super lump crab cakes with mustard sauce

Lobster Narragansett $56.95
-a fisherman feast. A whole 2 lb. maine lobster, oven roasted, and stuffed with shrimp and scallops served with red skin potatoes

Alaska King Crab Legs $39.95
-A Fulton's Family favorite: 1 1/4 lb. of sweet and succulent, perfectly steamed, king crab legs served with red skin potatoes

Snow Crab $24.95
-with red skin potatoes (1 1/4 lb)

Dungeness Crab Legs $28.95
-with red skin potatoes (1 1/4 lb.)

Other Fulton's Favorites
Big Eye Tuna Filet $34.95
-charcoal-grilled, with mango salsa, and eel sauce

Grilled Shrimp $23.95
-with sauteed broccolini

Stuffed Oven Roasted Pacific Shrimp $29.95
-blue crab, bacon, corn, and chives with sauteed broccolini

Free-Range Chicken Breast $20.95
-with sauteed broccolini

Daily Specials
-fresh fish are charcoal-grilled, served with oneof the following sauce choices:
tomato thyme butter, mint cilantro vinaigrette, orange soy glaze, roasted garlic mustard cream

Chilled Florida Stone Crab Claws $37.95
Sitka Alaska Wild King Salmon $29.95
Huntignton Beach Swordfish $29.95
Key West Lane Snapper $27.95
Shrimp Stuffed Washington State Petrale Sole $28.95

Kid's Menu
-for guests 9 and under

Alaska King Crab Legs $19.95
-10 ounces sweet & perfectly steamed with red skin potatoes

Filet Mignon $12.95
-4 ounces charcoal grilled with mashed potatoes and cut corn

Chicken Tenders $7.95
-grilled or fried with steamed white rice and cut corn

Fish of the Day $9.95
-chef's daily selection of fresh fish charcoal grilled with steamed white rice and cut corn

All Beef Hot Dog $6.95
-charcoal grilled with steamed red skin potatoes

Snow Crab Legs $11.95
-10 ounces sweet & perfectly steamed with red skin potatoes

Baby Shrimp Pasta $10.95
-spaghetti and gulf shrimp sauteed with olive oil, tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Hamburger $6.95
-charcoal grilled with mashed potatoes and cut corn

Spaghetti $4.95
-with tomato basil sauce

Mac n' Cheese $6.95
-topped with cheddar goldfish

fresh cut celery and carrot sticks $3.95
-with ranch dipping sauce

Fruit $4.95
-sliced golden ripe pineapple, strawberries and red grapes

Chef's vegetable of the day $3.95

French fries $1.95

Mixed berry sorbet $3.95
Mango Sorbet $3.95
Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt parfait $3.95
Build-your-own-sundae $4.95
-vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and tasty toppings

Lemonade $3.75
-plain, raspberry or strawberry
IBC root beer $3.75
Juice boxes $2.25
-grape, apple, or fruit punch
Milk $2.50
Soft Drink $2.25

Beverage Menu

Specialty Cocktails and Martinis
Scratch Bloody Mary $8.95
-Absolut peppar vodka, fresh horseradish, cracked pepper, worcester sauce, and tomato juice, served with a garnish of steamed shrimp

Fulton's Famous Mai Tai $7.95
-Bacardi 151 float add $1.95
-Bacardi Light rum, Bacardi Dark rum, pineapple and fresh squeezed orange juice, grenadine, and a splash of lime

Spiked Lemonade $7.95
-lemonade, raspberry smirnoff and chambord liquor

Mariner's Margarita $7.95
-an enticing blend of Jose Cuervo Gold and Blue Curacao

Watermelon Martini $10.95
-smirnoff watermelon vodka, DeKuyper Triple Sec, and cranberry juice with a dazzling ice cube garnish

Key Lime Martini $10.95
-Liquor 43, half and half, lime juice and soda water with a graham-cracker-crust rim

Caramel Apple martini $8.95
-Smirnoff green apple vodka and sour apple pucker finished with a pecan-coated caramel candy garnish

Pop Rocks Martini $8.95
-Grey Goose Le Citron, Finlandia wild berries and mango fruja liquor mixed with sour, cranberry and of course, pop rocks

Wines by the Glass

Fulton's Proprietor's Reserve White, N.Y. $8.95
Bonterra, Chardonnay, California $11.95
Chalone, Chardonnay, California $10.95
A by Acacia, Chardonnay, California $8.95
Tariquet, Sauvignon Blanc, France $9.95
Dry Creek, fume Blanc, France $9.95
Esperto, Pinot Grigio, Italy $10.95
Sterling, Pinot Grigio, California $9.95
BV, Beaulieu Vineyards, Riesling, California $8.95
Chandon, White or Rose sparkling wine, California $9.95
Dry Creek, Chenin Blanc, California $8.95
Senor de Loenzo, Albarino, Spain $8.95

Fulton's Prorietor's Reserve Red, N.Y. $8.95
BV, Beaulieu Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon, California $13.95
Canoe Ridge, Merlot, Washington $11.95
Caramel Road, Pinot Noir, California $11.95
Sterling, Pinot Noir, California $9.95
El Albar, Tempranillo, Spain $10.95
Alidis, Temranillo, Spain $10.95
Garcia Burgos, Cabernet-Tempranillo, Spain $7.95
Estancia, Meritage, California $16.95
Style, Grenache, Old Vines, Spain $7.95

Beer Selections

Draft Beer
Budweiser $4.95
Bud Light $4.95
Michelob Ultra $4.95
Yuengling Lager $5.95
Samuel Adams $5.95
Foster's Lager $5.95
Amber Bock $5.95

Bottle Beer
Amstel Light $5.95
Bass Ale $5.95
Heineken $5.95
Heineken Light $5.95
Pilsner Urquell $5.95
Newcastle $5.95
Anchor Steam $5.95
Miller Light $4.95
Coors Light $4.95
Land Shark $4.95
Corona Extra $5.95
O'Doul's $4.95

Bottled Water
Panna, Mineral water (large) $5.95
Perrier, sparkling mineral water (large) $5.95
San Pellegrino, sparkling mineral water (large) $5.95

Non-Bar Beverages
Refreshing Lemonade $3.95
-quench your thirst with our traditional lemonade
-add dazzling strawberry or raspberry flavor .50

Cherry Bomb Explosion $4.95
-blended cherries with cherry juice and traditional lemonade with a sprinkle of pop rocks

IBC Bottled Root Beer $3.95
-old-fashioned draft-style root beer

Republic of Tea $4.95
-ginger peach, raspberry quince, blackberry sage and pomegranate

Fulton Fusion $5.95
-TG Lee ice cream milk, strawberry puree, and Torani rasberry topped with whipped cream

Sweet Pucker $5.95
-blend of sugar, honey, lime juice, and strawberry mix, topped with fresh strawberry

Dreamcicle $5.95
-TG Lee ice cream milk, orange juice and triple sec topped with whipped cream
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