Fife and Drum Tavern menus

World Showcase, Epcot
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Fife and Drum Tavern menu
Turkey leg  7.59

Popcorn in a souvenir bucket  4.19

Popcorn  3.09

Pretzel  3.79

Cheese sauce  1.00

Assorted chips  2.69

Chocolate chip cookie  1.99

Frozen slushes  3.69
-fanta blue raspberry or fanta strawberry

Soft serve ice cream  3.79
-served in a waffle cone

The American dream  3.99
-frozen strawberry, vanilla ice cream, and frozen blue raspberry

Apple blossom a la mode  4.79

Minute Maid frozen lemonade  3.69

soft drinks  2.19
-coke, diet coke, sprite, minute maid light lemonade, gold peak iced tea

Dasani bottled water  2.50

Draft Beer

Bud light  5.50

Samuel Adams seasonal  6.25

-sales tax not included
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Fife and Drum Tavern
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