Donald's Breakfastosaurus reviews

DinoLand U.S.A., Disney's Animal Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 9.0 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 9.0  
"Loud but Good!"
Reviewed on Oct 02, 2008 by RebeccaMA
Rating: 8  
The character meal has been moved to the Tusker House. Yummy but loud. Kids there had a great time.
"Great way to start the day"
Reviewed on Aug 24, 2008 by welovdisney
Rating: 10  
We enjoyed this restaurant. It's a great place to meet Donald and friends. Our entire family had a great time.
"miss it"
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
was a really great overlooked character meal. great food and atmosphere
"Worth checking out"
Reviewed on Nov 01, 2007 by Beja
Rating: 7  
I have eaten at the Breakfastosaurus on two occasions and would recommend it that others give it a try. ADRs are a must to avoid a lenghty wait. As with any character meal, there are many walk-ups, so things tend to get a little hectic at times while waiting to get in. The food is decent, as due to the large number of patrons, it doesn't tend to sit for long in the trays.

I would recommend getting the latest reservation as possible, as I felt a little rushed when visiting during the early hours. Since the restaruant is buffet-stlye, it's easy to have finished your breakfast before the characters have made their rounds (as opposed to non-buffet character meals). If you have your heart set on seeing a particluar character, as I did with Donald, my advice would be to eat slowly to maximize your time in the restaurant. After an hour, you should see all that there is to see.
"Neil is the best!!!"
Reviewed on May 10, 2007 by KevGuy
Rating: 10  
All I can say or rave about is our server Neil, he was the best and I tipped him $10 over the 18% we already paid on the DDP. Sure you might think this guy is nuts but if you experienced the morning we had there you would have too, it was an unbelievable way to start the first morning of our first trip to Disney!! Characters were great too!!
"great place"
Reviewed on May 04, 2006 by tracyandalex
Rating: Not rated  
overall, we really enjoyed everything. the characters were awsome, they came by, took pictures, and signed autographs. the food was good, but we would have liked a larger selection. we will definately be returning.
"Not very good"
Reviewed on Oct 17, 2005 by sheenaxena
Rating: Not rated  
This was our 2nd character breakfast. The characters were very friendly and fun. The food on the other hand wasn't very good. They had enough variety. It just wasn't good! Not worth the $. I'd rather have McDonald's for a whole lot less!
"Good Food, Fun Setting"
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2003 by GenerationX
Rating: Not rated  
The dinosaur-themed setting is visually interesting and the service is quick. And I absolutely love any place that regularly keeps a large pitcher of orange juice on your table. The only drawbacks: not enough "starchy" items on the buffet (no waffles or french toast) and the characters seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.
"Worth the extra money"
Reviewed on Apr 17, 2003 by trendymagic
Rating: Not rated  
Nothing bad at all about breakfast with Donald and the gang. Had a seating time of 8am (hour before the park opened). With a group of others scheduled around the same time we were taken to the Breakfastosaurus building. Seating was immediate and service over the top. Only two of us eating but they gave each of us a pitcher of what we were drinking (OJ & Milk) so we could fill as much as needed. The food was abundant. Served buffet style, eating exactly what you wanted was not a problem at all. A total of 4 characters come to EVERY table. They take pictures and spend a few moments fooling around with everyone. You do may a little more for the character breakfast but it is worth every penny.
"good place"
Reviewed on Oct 05, 2002 by poohfan29
Rating: Not rated  
The chararacters treated my husband and myself like we were the kids. So much fun seeing Mickey dressed different.
"An Excellent Start"
Reviewed on Sep 03, 2002 by Ratcat
Rating: Not rated  
We ate there on the 21st July 2002 Getting There: We had a priority seating time prior to Park Opening. We got into the park with no problems and went to the spot as directed by the cast members at the gate. We were met by a very organised cast member who checked off our PS and, with a large group of other pre-open diners, walked at a leisurely pace to the restaurant. Waiting to be seated: We had our names checked off, our picture taken and were asked to sit at the tables outside until our table was ready. We waited no more that 5 minutes before being seated in the restaurant. The Cast Members: The cast members who seated us and those that kept us supplied with coffees and juice were outstanding. They did a great job of being waiters/waitresses and ensuring that the characters weren't mobbed at the same time. The Menu: Excellent! Not quite such a wide range as Chef Mickeys, but it was all of the highest quality, piping hot and in good supply. The Characters: We saw Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. All four spent a good amount of time with us, made a great fuss of both children, signed their books and had 2-4 photos each. At NO TIME did we feel that they were rushed to get to the next table. Overall: Prior to our trip we had heard a lot of horror stories about Donalds Restrauntausaurus and even considered not going on the morning of our PS. I am so glad that we did as, in my opinion, this Character Breakfast is on a par with Chef Mickeys!!!
"Best Breakfast"
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2002 by SJTSmith
Rating: Not rated  
This is the best Character Breakfast. Everytime I have eaten there it has been great and the service has been the best out of all Character Breakfasts.
"Great Character Meal"
Reviewed on Aug 27, 2002 by wenpop
Rating: Not rated  
The character were great, Donald got mad and stomped his feet, he knocked napkins off a table it was so funny. The food was fresh, hot and delicious. The drinks were always filled and there were a lot of smiling friendly people helping the characters.
Donald's Breakfastosaurus
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