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Bongo's Cuban Cafe dessert menu
Coffee and Tea

cafe cubano  2.50
-cuban coffee

cortadito  2.75
-steamed milk with a shot of espresso topped with frothed milk

cafe con leche  3.00
-steamed milk with espresso coffee

americano coffee  2.00
-cafe americano

cappuccino  4.00

hot chocolate  3.50

hot tea  2.00


rice pudding  5.00
-traditional cuban style rice pudding

traditional cuban flan  5.00
-traditional cuban style custard topped with caramel

cheese flan  5.00
-traditional cuban style custard made with smooth cream cheese topped with caramel

three milk cake  6.00
-mixture of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream poured over the cake until its dripping- the cake is then topped with merengue frosting and a cherry

bread pudding  6.00
-bread pudding served with a side of delicious caramel topping

vanilla custard pudding  5.00
-cuban style sweetened vanilla pudding

quava shells  5.00
-guava shells served with smooth cream cheese
-add toasted shredded coconut  2.00

Ice cream

vanilla, chocolate, mango sorbet, guava and cheese  5.00

After Dinner Drinks

amaretto di saronno, bailey's, chamboard, cointreau, frangelico, gran marnier, khalua, sambuca   8.00

Ports Wine

sandeman port reserve/ portugal  glass  8.00

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Bongo's Cuban Cafe
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