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Disney's BoardWalk Inn
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Average Reader Rating: 6.8  
"Bad experience & customer service"
Reviewed on Aug 04, 2014 by Jim
Rating: 1  
We took some family of ours to the Boardwalk this past weekend because they had never been there before. We got hungry and decided to order two lage pizzas. It seemed that our order had been taking quite a long time and we noticed that other people that ordered after us were getting their orders before us. When we asked about our order it seems like they missed it somehow then rushed to get them made. We finally got our pizzas after waiting almost an hour. The pizzas didn't look well cooked. When we started on the second pizza, I found it to be under cooked. The dough was not cooked all the way so I decided to take it and get my money back. I had to stand in line again waiting to see the cashier. Once I got to her, I told her that the pizza was under cooked. She asked me if I wanted another one but I said no because we had waited so long for the first order. She said OK and had her manager refund me the money. What topped it off was that neither the cashier nor her manager offered me an appology which I found that to be very rude. I am a manager at a hotel in Downtown Disney and we focus very much on guest recovery if one of our guest has an issue during their stay. We want them to come back and also share their positive experience with their family and friends by giving them great customer service. In this case, I know that I will not go back there and if anyone asks me, I will tell them to go somewhere else.
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2010 by DisneyKnowItAll
Rating: 9  
It can get a little hot out since there is only outdoor seating but its still yummy pizza
"Good pizza, but needs indoor seating"
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2010 by ptaylor
Rating: 7  
Some good pizza options here, but the location is outdoors only. This can be a problem in the summer or wet weather.
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2008 by maryszhi
Rating: 10  
great pizza!!!
Boardwalk Pizza
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