Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach

  • Main Details

  • Size 66 acres
  • Dining

  • Quick Service Restaurant

    Cooling Hut
    Lottawatte Lodge
    Polar Pub
    Warming Hut

  • Kiosks

    Frostbite Freddy's Frozen Freshments
    I.C. Expeditions

  • Attractions

  • Rides

    Chairlift Cool Runners
    Cross Country Creek
    Downhill Double Dipper
    Fahrenheit Drop
    Frozen Pipe Springs
    Melt-Away Bay
    Runoff Rapids
    Ski Patrol Training Camp
    Slush Gusher
    Snow Falls
    Snow Stormers
    Summit Plummet
    Teamboat Springs
    Thin Ice Training Course
    Tike's Peak
    Toboggan Racers

  • Important Dates

  • Grand Opening Apr 1 1995
  • Shopping

  • Shops

    Beach Haus
    Shade Shack
    Snowless Joe's

Blizzard Beach refurbishment brought forward
3 months ago

Changes to Typhoon Lagoon bus transportation for resort hotel guests
4 months ago

Downhill Double Dipper at Blizzard Beach temporarily closed
5 months ago

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Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment Oct 16, 2016 to Dec 24, 2016

Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment Apr 03, 2016 to Apr 05, 2016

Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment Oct 04, 2015 to Jan 02, 2016

Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment Jan 04, 2015 to Mar 14, 2015

Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment Dec 22, 2013 to Mar 16, 2014

Blizzard Beach is a 66-acre themed water recreation attraction -- inspired by the mythology of a snow ski resort that didn’t exactly find a suitable climate in Florida!


Opening Date: April 1, 1995


Blizzard Beach Ski Patrol Training Camp
Designed for pre-teens with a T-bar drop, crinkle slide and a challenging ice-flow walk along slippery, floating icebergs. Cool Runners is the camp’s twin inner tube slide.

Chair Lift
Wooden-bench chair lifts sporting colorful overhead umbrellas and snow skis on their underside, converted from ski-resort to beach-resort use, carry guests over the craggy face of Mt. Gushmore, from its base at the beach to its summit.

Cross Country Creek
A lazy creek circling the entire park, carrying floating guests through a bone-chilling ice cave. Once inside the mysterious cave, guests will be splashed with the “melting” ice from overhead.

Downhill Double Dipper
Side-by-side racing water slides that begin 50 feet high on the slopes of Mt. Gushmore and plunge riders along a hilly 200-foot-long course at up to 25 miles per hour.

Melt-Away Bay
One-acre pool at the base of Mt. Gushmore and fed by “melting snow” waterfalls.

Runoff Rapids
An inner tube run where guests can careen down three different twisting, turning flumes -- one in the dark.

Slush Gusher
A double-humped water slide that drops guests through a snow-banked mountain gully from a start 90 feet up Mt. Gushmore (next to Summit Plummet).

Snow Stormers
Three flumes descending from the top of the mountain and following a switchback course through ski-type slalom gates.

Summit Plummet
Thirty feet above the peak of Mt. Gushmore is the platform for a thrill ride that sends the daring on a high-speed adventure down a 350-foot slide. At 120 feet high and up to 55 mph, it is one of the world’s fastest free-fall water slides.

Teamboat Springs
The world’s longest family white-water raft ride takes six-passenger rafts down a twisting, 1,200-foot series of rushing water falls.

Tike's Peak
A kid-size version of Blizzard Beach for children ages 2 to 5 (under four feet tall), including scaled-down elements of Mt. Gushmore. In addition, this area features a snow-castle fountain play area.

Toboggan Racer
An eight-lane water slide that sends guests racing over exhilarating dips as they descend on a 250-foot course along the “snowy” slope.


Blizzard Beach Artic Expedition
Frosty the Joe Man Coffee
Funnel Cakes
I.C. Expeditions
Lottawatta Lodge
Mini Donuts
Polar Pub
The Cooling Hut
The Warming Hut

Blizzard Beach 2014 Pricing

Prices exclude tax (June 2 2013)

1-Day/Resort Guests
Ages 10+ $53
Ages 3-9 $45

Water Park Annual Pass
Ages 10+ $104
Ages 3-9 $85

DisneyQuest/Water Park Annual Pass
Ages 10+ $132
Ages 3-9 $102

Florida Resident After 2 p.m. Disney Water Park Annual Pass
Ages 10+ $
Ages 3-9 $

Blizzard Beach/Winter Summerland Combo ticket – can be purchased only at Blizzard Beach
Ages 10+ $
Ages 3-9 $

Locker Rental

(As of June 12 2011)
Key deposit $5 (refunded when returned)
Large locker 18"Hx18"Wx16"deep $10 per day
Small locker 12"Hx12"Wx16"deep $8 per day

Towel Rental

$2 per towel per day

Refillable Mugs

Details on water park refillable mugs