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Future World, Epcot
Reader rating Reader rating 6.5 / 10
Average Reader Rating: 6.5  
Reviewed on Jul 14, 2013 by Fairybuzz (Sarah)
Rating: 2  
Its a bunch of plasma tv screens showing scenes. I could do it at home! This is no substitute for AAs in any way shape or form. Its lazy! I preferred seabase alpha to this. I miss the hyralators!!! When I see the nemo'd out place after the ride I pretend its still a sealab.
"So Much Fun!"
Reviewed on Feb 19, 2012 by sstile
Rating: 10  
Its very colorful and entertaining to "sea" all of your favourite finding Nemo characters! A fun, visually pleasing, and nice calm ride
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2011 by fastpass99
Rating: 5  
Skip this unless your kids are big big fans of Nemo. My two sons 8 and 11 got bored. Ride is verrrrrrry slow. Nothing much happens. We got on while waiting for our fastpass for Soarin, there was no lineup. Do it if you have to waste maybe.
Reviewed on Jul 25, 2009 by rustysgirl
Rating: 5  
so i'm a huge lover of the ocean life and the Nemo movie. But i wasn't too impressed with this ride. It was short, boring and i'd just rather have the original Living Seas back. I like how they repainted everything and the way they mixed the real ocean life with nemo characters but thats about it. it was just boring. This ride was worth it if only because at the end we got to visit the dolphins and other sea creatures. i was disappointed.
"nice but slow!"
Reviewed on May 28, 2009 by stitch_lover
Rating: 6  
I love what's going on in this ride! All this stuff, it's so pretty! But here comes the part when it's REALLY slow! I'm glad it gives you time to look at all the pretty stuff but it went SO slow I thought the ride was broke down the whole time!!!! At the 1st scene, there's Mr. Ray singing, it was funny the 1st 10 times, but he did it about 70 TIMES, and the shell wasn't even HALFWAY to the next scene which might be why they put the jellyfish next which was at the MIDDLE of the movie! I almost rated it a 4 but it's a 6 now because it was kinda funny the 1st time, in line there's that bottom of the boat, (a.k.a the butt used in the movie) and my dad watched the movie and he goes, "Hey look! The Butt!" And then everyone starts looking at their butts! Even the Imageneer near the shells! That was funny lol.
"It's OK."
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2009 by leafs fan
Rating: 6  
A gentle ride that's interesting and might be fun for kids, but I probably wouldn't ride it again. Actually enjoyed the aquarium when the ride was over more than the actual ride.
"Not a bad refurb"
Reviewed on Feb 17, 2009 by Jasonflz
Rating: 8  
The Living Seas had always been an ambitious pavilion with a strong scientific message about the ocean. Unfortunately the pavilion was not doing so well. It garnered a reputation by some to be too scientific and even boring. The pavilion also lost it's star attraction, an omnimover system that traveled through the ocean to Seabase Alpha. The pavilion had lost it's old charm and was losing what it once had. Disney finally announced that they were going to re-work the pavilion to bring a new ocean theme and make it more relevant.
The pros: The Seas was going to be able to be enjoyed by everyone and was going to get it's old ride back
The Cons: Nemo

When it finally re-opened it was easily apparent that Nemo had moven in. The Seas With Nemo And Friends is an okay refurb. The ouside sign area got it's old wave machine back and also got the "mine" seagulls from the movie. Artists did a great job with the art on the entrance wall that features some characters. The inside room was remodeled to look like a beach in the evening and it works nicely. The ride itself was very well done in my own opinion. It features tons of the movie's characters and is overall something that kids will enjoy. The inside of the seabase along with all of it's exhibits are very well done and the tank looks just as great with the oceanlife inside. The Nemo theme will turn some people away though.

For Adults- 7.4/10 stars
For Teens- 6.7/10 stars
For Kids- 10/10 stars
Overall- 8.5/10 stars
"How'd They Do That?"
Reviewed on Oct 07, 2008 by BigB911
Rating: 10  
I thought, as we rode past the aquariums and the characters from the movie appeared in front of us. Only Disney could do that!
The Seas with Nemo and Friends
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