Pirates of the Caribbean tips

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"cut wait time"
Submitted on Aug 20, 2011 by dsnyfreak
it really does not matter which side you go to, but when you are in line, you are suppose to use up all available space correct??? well, do just that. people tend to stand in thed middle of the line while waiting and talk and text and the like. walk along the walls and as the line moves, sometimes people are not paying attention much anyway ou can sliip past them along the walls as well. i do it everytime and a 30 minute waits becomes a 15 minute wait. used to do the same at haunted mansion til they put in the new line set up.
"Go left!"
Submitted on Mar 12, 2010 by nepalostparks
Since most Americans are accustomed to staying to the right, you might be better off going into the left side of the queue for a shorter wait. While this isn't always the case, it is more often than not.
"Shorter lines later in the evening"
Submitted on Jan 26, 2010 by wdwmagic
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those attractions that has much shorter lines later in the evening.
Pirates of the Caribbean
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