Dinosaur tips

DinoLand U.S.A., Disney's Animal Kingdom
Reader rating Reader rating 8.8 / 10
"Check out the Rides "Legacy""
Submitted on Jun 01, 2011 by Spinlock
Check out the actual movie 'Dinosaur' before you ride next time and it changes the experience just a little from a ride with random dinosaurs to characters.

And look around the ride: you will see CTX in quite a few places, evidence of the original, and "better" name, Countdown to Extinction!
"Pretty loud, pretty scary!"
Submitted on Mar 06, 2011 by Macca250
Dinosaur is one of the best rides at Animal Kingdom, but for those of you with little ones Disney doesn't make it entirely clear that this ride is quite different to some of the other dark rides on offer at the resort. Without spoiling it; its quite intense, very dark and very very loud. This all contributes to making it one of Disney's most exciting rides, but it might be a bit much for younger ones who could be put off other offerings at Animal Kingdom. Maybe ride it first and make your own judgement if you think your kids are a bit sensitive. Otherwise its a blast, and normally not busy at all.
"Wilder ride at the back"
Submitted on Apr 09, 2010 by wdwmagic
Due to the way the vehicle is setup, the back row experiences a higher degree of motion. So if you are looking for a wilder ride, request the back row.
"Back Way"
Submitted on Feb 28, 2010 by WDW FTW
This is one of the top rides at animal kingdom...yet the lines are never to bad because some people walk right by. Using a fastpass usually isnt necessary even in peak times like december. If you come into to Dinoland USA from everest or nemo then you will probably do the Dino-Rama area first, if so once you have exited Primievel whirl you will see a small path behind the counter service restraunt and if that path is followed it brings you right to the building of dinosaur.
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