Characters in Flight

West Side, Downtown Disney

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Characters in Flight closed for refurbishment Apr 27, 2010 to Apr 29, 2010


Imagine an eagle's-eye view of the Downtown Disney area, with sweeping, 10-mile panoramas of Lake Buena Vista and environs. Downtown Disney greets summer guests with a new iconic attraction in the form of a giant tethered balloon – Aerophile -- that will take guests 400 feet into the air from the waterfront. The 72-foot-diameter balloon can lift up to 30 guests at a time on a six-minute flight, by day or night. Aerophile will make spring debut at Downtown Disney’s West Side.


Height/Age Requirement: Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Operating Hours
Sunday to Thursday the hours of operation are 10:30 am to 11pm.
Friday and Saturday the hours of operation are 10:30am to 12am.


Adult (ages 10 and up) $18 inc tax
Child (ages 3 to 9) $12 inc tax

Operating Weather Conditions
There are 4 weather status conditions.

  • 3mph or less, flight with 20 passengers.
  • 3mph to 12mph, flight with 10 to 20 passengers.
  • 12mph to 22mph, flight with 10 passengers.
  • 22mph or storm conditions, no flight.
No smoking, drinking onboard. Also, no strollers or baggage. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Construction Archive

For the complete construction history of the project visit our Characters in Flight archive.